Guns don't Murder People, People Do!

Guns don't Murder People, People Do!

Jesse Martin 02/04/2018 6

For years, I have hidden behind our fair Canadian gun laws, watching mass and individual shootings taking place in America and shaking my head wondering how a civilized society, in our day and age, could simply kneel and pray every time some horrific slaughter takes place.

Okay, I finally get it. Guns Don’t murder People, People murder People! School, concert, parking lot, post office, McDonald's, church, home, theater – everywhere in America, guns are murdering people. However, over and over again I hear the refrain Guns don’t kill people, People do!. I couldn’t understand. Until today. After the killing of 17 children in Florida, I suddenly realized that it isn’t the guns, it is the people.

Over and over again Americans have mass murders. Nowhere else in the civilized world do we see such horrific things. Mass murder after mass murder happening just a few miles south of where I live. In the rest of the civilized world, mass murders occur infrequently. Once every 10, 20, 30… years. So, why, in America has there been almost 20 mass murders in the first six weeks of this year.

Guns don’t kill people, people do!

So, what kind of people are you? What kind of people instigate, watch, and then wring their hands over and over and over again? What kind of people are you who will murder (guns are just handy) children, family, and strangers? What kind of people are you who will watch this over and over and stand by shrugging your collective shoulders and say that you are just helpless in the face of this slaughter? What kind of people do nothing but pray after every mass murder? Remember, it isn't the guns, it is the people - you the people.

America strides across the world bragging about its strength, power, freedom, and the best way of life in the world, and then stands by and watches its own children murdered over and over again.

The "look at us and envy what you see" causes most of the rest of the world to shake its head in disbelief. We don’t murder our children and then have no answer but to fall to our knees in prayer. In fact, we don’t murder our children and do anything. That’s because we are the kind of people who don’t murder our children. We are the kind of people who won’t stand for that kind of atrocity to occur where we live.

Guns don’t murder people, people murder people. Next time you look in the mirror, ask yourself exactly what kind of person you are that has collectively decided that this is just the way things are. This is just the kind of people we are.

We are people who murder people and then do nothing to prevent more people from murdering people.

Remember, Guns don’t murder people, People murder people.

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  • Garry Andrews

    Yes, people kill people ... but people with guns kill far more people than people who kill people without a gun.

  • Chris Seltzer

    Hammers kill people too, but you never hear of a mass school hammering.

  • Trevor Hinck

    People kill people with guns by people shooting guns at people by means of gun killing people using guns

  • Alex Maurice

    The purpose of guns is to kill people.

  • Ronald Hoffman

    Guns do kill people, they are lethal weapons. How they are used however depends on the person using it. So we need to look at the reasons behind why mass shooters kill and and solve the social issues behind that.

  • Luke Dunbar

    When the government does virtually nothing to regulate who has access to guns, they are giving those people the resources that they need in order to kill people. We need stricter gun laws.

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