Have You Invested in these Basics? | Weekly Reflections

Have You Invested in these Basics? | Weekly Reflections

Have You Invested in these Basics? | Weekly Reflections

Anyone wise and who wished me well always said “Get the Basics Right”.

Why are the basics so important?

Because the basics never really change

Because with the basics, complexities are built

Because if your basics are strong, you can survive anywhere in the world

In this article, I am sharing my views of 9 basics which are worthwhile to invest in.


Basics of Yourself

It’s vital to be aware about yourself. With self-awareness, the sky is the limit for what you can dream, aim and achieve. While there are several things which encompass and define YOU, the most imperative aspects which you need to identify, appreciate and accept are - your past, your choices, your strengths, your weaknesses, your values, your priorities and most importantly, what inspires you!


Basics of Human Emotions

If you understand the basics of human emotions, you can understand accept and deal with any situation. In reality, the basic human emotions of Love, Joy, Surprise, Anger, Sadness & Fear drive most of our behaviors. All secondary emotions are built around these primary human emotions. If you can identify and deal with these emotions – either in yourself or others, you are equipped to handle any life situation. After all, it is emotions (and not logic) which really makes the world go round!


Basics of Human Relationships

Human relationships are core to our existence – They are a necessity, reality and define our existence. And in the journey of life, we all create, nurture and let go of one / many relationships – reasons best known to us. And along this journey, it is important to be sensitive to the dynamics of any human relationship – and give it the respect and due it deserves. If you can master this, you can live anywhere in the world and under any kind of circumstances


Basics of Mathematics

As a subject, Mathematics is really the study of quantity, structure, space and change. And if you get your basics of Mathematics right early in life, you are able to appreciate several subjects which are built on the foundational principles of Mathematics – Be it micro / macroeconomic principles or Business or finance or accounting


Basics of Personal Finance

Your state of Personal Finance to a large extent determines the quality of your life today and in the future. And if you invest in getting the basics of personal finance right, you will be equipped to make the right choices with respect to your earning, savings and investments


Basics of the Human Anatomy

The human anatomy is complex, fascinating and intriguing. If you start to get into the details, it can take eons of dedicated study to come close to “true” comprehension of human creation and how everything within works in perfect balance and harmony to keep you alive. But it’s definitely worthwhile to know the basics – Simply because it helps you understand many dimensions about yourself, your evolution and your future. Not to mention it makes you better equipped to deal with different kinds of related real-life situations – specially related to your own health and well-being


Basics of Communication

Communication is one of the most important dimensions to a gratifying, peaceful and harmonious life – Be it professional or personal. Good communication (oral or written) is usually reflective of clarity in thoughts and experience. Everything else being similar, communication can probably be one of the key distinguishing aspects between two human beings which will determine the quality of life, well-being and state of happiness


Basics of How the Mind Works

Mind Power is an infinite continuum. If you are able to harness the power of your mind – purely by the creation, monitoring and control of your thoughts – You will observe a transformation in your life. The key is to nourish positive thoughts – of abundance, affirmation and optimism, and keep at bay negative, redundant or waste thoughts


Basics of Planning and Organization

Planning and Organization is a very important ingredient in life. Knowingly or unknowingly we all make different kinds of plans (For e.g.: A daily plan, yearly plan, financial plan, retirement plan, event plan, marketing plan, holiday plan, etc.) – in our mind, on a paper, on excel or other tools. And the reality is the underlying basics of planning and organization are very simple and logical – which can be easily replicated to one / many life dimensions.


You can undergo several transformations in your lifetime, but if your basics are well founded and grounded, then you are insured for life.

Pause and Reflect…. How good are your basics on the dimensions listed above?

Have You Invested in these Basics? | Weekly Reflections

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  • Sue Gowans

    It's hard at first but takes practice

  • Neal Holland

    Thank you!

  • Aditya Singh

    Stay happy
    Stay blessed
    Live long
    God bless You

  • Kyle Ellison

    Really makes sense !!!

  • Jake Hatton

    Thanks for the ideas

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