Have You Thought About Sharing Your Journey?

Have You Thought About Sharing Your Journey?

Broadus Palmer 03/01/2021 8
Have You Thought About Sharing Your Journey?

How can you connect with people and show decision-makers the great things you are doing?

Well one thing that helped me was to start sharing all of my success and failures.

Think about it.

If what I share helps others that are just like me, then in turn I'm solving a problem, correct?

Sharing your journey can work wonders for your career.

Whether you know it or not, you are actually positioning yourself to become an expert.

Well, that is how others will look at you anyway, even if you don't feel like one!

So, with that being said, check out my message below!

Trust me, there is value here!

I promise, start thinking differently and you will open doors for yourself!

It's all about building community, even if this is out of your comfort zone.


You see, it is not that hard at all!

So now, let's ask ourselves these questions:  

What do I want in 2021?

What type of person do I need to be to achieve my goals?

What resources do I need to be able to become successful?

This is what we do at LevelUpInTech.com

Learn It, Lab It, Level Up!

This is what I need you to do!

If you want to knock 2021 out of the park.

Connect with us NOW!

"Level Up" to start a discussion!

Until then, keep Leveling Up In Tech

My name is Broadus, I'm Out!

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  • Alex Dossor

    2021 is a promising year.

  • Lukas Nieland

    Building a community is key to achieve success.

  • Adam Ross

    Damn, that hit me hard.

  • Scott M

    Love this! Let's have a successful 2021 together!

  • Ivan Reid

    Successful people build each other up. They inspire, motivate, and push each other.

  • Rob Gough

    Let's stand together !

  • Will P

    To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.

  • Claire Oswald

    It's 2021 ! Keep going !

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Broadus Palmer

Career Expert

As a Cloud Career Coach, Broadus is currently a LinkedIn Top Voice for 2020, has been featured in Entrepreneur and Business Insider. He is committed to helping individuals who are strongly focused on changing their lives. Serving as the founder of Level Up In Tech, Broadus combines passion with his “Banker to Engineer” experience to mentor others through his program as they advance and transition to careers within the cloud industry. Although Broadus is changing lives indirectly through his popular and motivational content across multiple platforms, he firmly believes in the power of one-on-one Cloud Career Coaching. Now highly regarded as a pillar of the cloud community, Broadus tirelessly works to restore the collective faith of self-belief with his “can-do” attitude. Along with mindset-development aimed to level-up motivation, his hands-on coaching uses the industry’s hottest tools and skills to get the job done. 


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