How Being Stubborn Can Help You or Hurt You

How Being Stubborn Can Help You or Hurt You

Marie Miguel 17/02/2021 2
How Being Stubborn Can Help You or Hurt You

Some people are more stubborn than others.

Being clear about your intentions and wants and needs can be a positive thing, or it could hurt you. Here's how to use your stubbornness (or fixed nature) to help you in life. You can also make sure that being stubborn isn't hurting you without you knowing.

What Does it Mean to be Stubborn?

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Being stubborn means that you are adamant about your point of view. If you are in a debate with a friend, coworker, or loved one, you know what you think, and you will not let up. No matter how much somebody tries to convince you of their opinion, they won't be able to move you. Sometimes being stubborn can hurt you because you don't learn about other people's points of views. It can prevent you from resolving conflicts. If you're in a disagreement and the other person wants to feel heard, if you are vehement about your point of you it closes you off. However, there are some instances where being stubborn can help.

Being Stubborn Can Be An Asset

People who know what they want can have an advantage in life. Sometimes being stubborn can be a good thing. Let's say that you have a business idea. Other people deter you from this concept because they don't believe it will work. But, you're determined, which is another word for "stubborn" in some cases. You want to make this idea work, and no matter what anyone says, you stick to your guns and keep going. Some people give up on their ideas because they fail one time. That doesn't help others succeed. But, if you're stubborn and motivated to get to a goal, eventually, something will work out.

Being Stubborn Could Hold You Back

On the other hand, being stubborn can hold you back from seeing different ways to accomplish your goal. Let's say that you want to work out and get fit. You're determined to do cardio on a treadmill, and you believe this is going to help you get in shape. As time passes, you find that it's not working. You're not achieving your ideal fitness goal. But, you're stubborn and keep running on the treadmill because you like it. Alternatively, you could explore different kinds of exercise. Maybe you could lift weights or mix up your workout routine; perhaps you could try yoga. Being stubborn in this respect might be hurting you. It's good to keep your options open so that you can find ways to work things out in your favor.

Being Stubborn in Arguments Doesn't Always Work

As mentioned above, being stubborn in an argument can work against you. If you let other people express their opinions and listen to them, you can come to a compromise. If you're stubborn, sometimes it comes across as cold. You might not know how to come to a middle ground if all you can see is your own perspective. That's why it's good to listen to another person's point of view. However, it's good to have boundaries. And being stubborn might be sticking to your limits.

Boundaries and Stubbornness

People will push your boundaries in life. That's where being stubborn can help you. When you decide what your boundaries are, you don't have to let those go. Sometimes people who engage in toxic behaviors will try to push those boundaries, and that's where stubbornness is an asset. You know what you want, and you know what you will and won't tolerate. You don't have to let anybody push those boundaries so that you feel like you're compromising your sense of self. Your stubbornness will help you stick to those limits.

Learn About Your Stubbornness and Therapy

Sad World

If you have a stubborn nature, sometimes you have trouble navigating it. Maybe you feel like you're turning people off with your behavior. A therapist can help you learn how to compromise with others. Whether you see an online counselor or someone in your local area, it can help to go to therapy and work on these issues. Online therapists are available at companies like BetterHelp. Don't be afraid to reach out for help if you are struggling with interpersonal relationships. A therapist can help you understand why you are stubborn and help you learn to manage these qualities so that you don't impact your relationships.

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  • Stuart Johnson

    Stubborn people tend to succeed more than others because they don't give up. On a personal level, they are not great friends. Stubborn people can't distinguish between grey and white.

  • Tom W

    Spot on ! Thanks for sharing

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