How to Be More Active Throughout the Working Day

How to Be More Active Throughout the Working Day

Anas Bouargane 15/11/2020 6
How to Be More Active Throughout the Working Day

One of the most common causes of diseases and illnesses is the lack of physical activity.

How to Be More Active Throughout the Working Day

Most of those who have full-time office jobs often ignore their fitness needs, which can have negative impacts on their mood, health, and productivity at work. Being too busy with your daily responsibilities and duties is no longer a valid excuse because there are ways through which you can be more active and still manage to finish your tasks on time. Making small tweaks in your routine at work can help you become more active during your shift. Read on to learn more about the different ways to be more active at work. 

Declutter Your Office

Cleaning and decluttering your office is a great way to be more active in the workplace and create a positive working environment. Consider clearing and purging your office of all the unnecessary and outdated paperwork, and archive them in a storage area to give yourself more room. Developing an effective filing system and organizing everything correctly in designated folders and boxes will get you off of your chair. Start organizing your desk and get rid of everything you don’t need to have a neat and clean office. By sorting out your papers, files, devices, and even furniture, you can be more active during working hours and keep your body moving.

Change Your Work Style

Employees often find themselves feeling bored and miserable at work because they don’t change their work style, staying at the exact spot without moving for hours. Your body and health will deteriorate over time if you stick to the same routine day in and day out because your muscles need to move. Pacing around the office, stretching, moving your legs while sitting, or even adjusting your desk to stand up more are all great ways to be more active at the office. This is why most Australian companies, nowadays, are investing in height adjustable desks, which provide several benefits that are worth the cost of changing the office furniture and layout. Think about convincing your boss to invest in sit-stand desks because they can reduce back pain, increase productivity, and get the employees’ blood flowing properly. This can be the change of pace you need in the office to stay more active. 

Walk Around the Office

Technology has made people more complacent and lazy, stopping them from getting off the chair and walking to colleagues or other employees if they need something. Walking has numerous benefits that can change your life, making you burn calories and ease joint pains as you move. Instead of using the office phone to call someone into your office or using your smartphone, you should get up and walk over to them. 

Whenever you have a question, a request, or if you’re just saying hello to your buddy in another department, always walk instead of using technology. Develop the habit of walking during working hours, and it will lead to better and positive impacts on your body. You will improve your mood, feel more energetic, lose weight, and even extend your life.

Volunteer to Get Lunch or Coffee

If you want to keep your body moving, you should volunteer to go get lunch or coffee for your colleagues. Instead of ordering everything, try to go out and get the food or refreshments yourself by strolling down the street. It can be a great way to socialize with colleagues, especially if some of them decide to join you. You can relax, talk, clear your mind, and get in some exercise too. Consider changing your habits by eating your food while standing up instead of taking your lunch to your desk. It will help you feel refreshed and concentrate more when you get back to work.

Take the Stairs

Always take the stairs to be more physically active at work because everyone is used to taking elevators in office buildings. Taking the stairs is a simple and easy way to stay healthy and burn some calories. A little physical activity during your shift will make you focus more, feel happier, and increase productivity. 

It can be challenging to stay active at work, especially if you work an office job that requires you to sit at your desk for prolonged hours, responding to emails, and preparing reports. Most workaholics can easily lose track of time and forget to move throughout the day or even stretch because of all the meetings, tasks, and projects that they have to finish. 


Good physical health is crucial for different aspects of life, especially when it comes to being more productive at work. If you are physically active during the day, your mood and overall health will improve, allowing you to work better and finish your tasks efficiently. Consider squeezing in some exercise or any form of physical activity during your working hours for a happier and healthier life.

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  • Josh Goonery

    I plan ahead to exercise even during bad weather

  • Ian Deering

    Regular walks outside the office makes me feel energised

  • Stephen M

    When it comes to staying active, walking for 30 minutes or more is the ultimate remedy.

  • Adam Hayes

    Remaining physically active during the COVID-19 outbreak can make anyone feel motivated at work.

  • Joe Flores

    Good post !!

  • Graeme W

    Awesome tips. Thanks BBN Times !!

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