How To Be Sure Your Female Babysitter Is Not Harming Your Child

How To Be Sure Your Female Babysitter Is Not Harming Your Child

Anas Bouargane 14/06/2020 4
How To Be Sure Your Female Babysitter Is Not Harming Your Child

Leaving your child in someone else’s care is not the easiest of experiences for any parent.

How To Be Sure Your Female Babysitter Is Not Harming Your Child

But since you have to work, attend an evening party, or travel to that business meeting, you don’t have many choices as a parent, and hiring a babysitter is perhaps the most convenient option you have. However, your kid’s well-being and safety are at the core of your priorities. This is why many parents cancel trips, forego dinners, or even skip work from time to time. To avoid these pitfalls and get peace of mind, it’s important to do a thorough background check when hiring your nanny or babysitter, ensuring that she’ll keep your child safe and well-cared for.

But still, many babysitters pass the initial test, only for things to change after they get the job. Cases of physical, mental, and emotional abuse of children by babysitters are not unheard of. This makes it important for parents to stay vigilant about their kids’ relationship with their babysitters, just to ensure that the lovely blessings from above are not being harmed by their caregivers. On this note, here are some tips on how to be sure your babysitter is not harming your child.

Try a Spy Camera

As earlier mentioned, some babysitters can be physically or emotionally cruel to the kids without the parent’s knowledge. Kids are different and not many will speak up about the babysitter being harsh on them. As a matter of fact, your kid might not have developed their speech yet, making the situation even more complex. As earlier mentioned, a babysitter’s qualification might be quite enticing, but in your absence, she might be having a totally different personality and you would never know how she handles your child when you are not at home. By installing a nanny camera or hidden surveillance camera, you can easily monitor how the babysitter treats and handles your child when you’re not around. 

But not all spy cameras are the same, especially when it comes to performance and footage quality. Gadget Spy’s Michael Ross says that by finding the right spy camera that can be used as a nanny cam, you can put an end to your babysitter worries. You can easily track their conduct when left alone with your child and decide whether to keep them or find a new babysitter.

Apart from monitoring your babysitter, there are certain cues to look for to ensure they’re not harming your child. Some of these may include:

1. Behavioral changes in your child

No parent wants their own child to feel insecure or threatened in their own home. If you know and understand the behavior of your child, you can easily tell when he or she feels intimidated. Your child might take some time to adjust to the new babysitter but after a few weeks, a good sitter should mingle and interact comfortably with the child. If the child does not throw tantrums when leaving for work in the morning with the sitter, it could be a good sign that he feels safe. Also, if the child loves jumping on the couch and running around the house, for instance, this should not change in the presence of the babysitter. A sudden change of the child’s behavior could suggest that the sitter is either too harsh or too lenient on the child.

2. Few or no Accidents

A child who is not active might equally be sick. Most kids are always energetic, whether they’re toddlers or at a more mature age. As the baby learns how to walk, crawl, or even ride a bike during growth, they’ll always get a scratch or a bruise from time to time. It shouldn’t freak you out when the kids get hurt from time to time. However, your concern should be awakened if the child is constantly getting hurt or sustaining injuries, scratches, and bruises. This could either mean the babysitter is not cautious with your child or maybe she could be inflicting the same on your child. A good babysitter should always be looking out to minimize accidents that might befall a child.

3. She Ensures the Child is Always Clean

Who wants to come home to a dirty, smelly child whose diapers have been soiled for hours and clothes are stained with food spillages? This can be very annoying. A good babysitter must always put your baby as her priority. She cleans the baby once they feed and ensures they don't look messy. She’ll always do other house chores (if it’s part of her role) once she puts the child to sleep. Maintaining good hygiene and sanitation will help minimize visits to the pediatrician.  

4. Your Child is Always Happy to be Left with Her

How To Be Sure Your Babysitter Is Not Harming Your Child

Unlike a bad babysitter, a caring babysitter will get your child to trust and bond with her quickly, although some children might take a longer time. But after a few babysitting days, the child should easily warm up to the babysitter.  Your child should not sob and cling to you when leaving them with the babysitter. She should be jolly and excited to be left in the care of the sitter.

Lastly, a good babysitter does not spend most of her time chatting with friends on the phone or watching TV, leaving the child unattended. The sitter keeps the child engaged. They play together no matter how kiddish the games may look and enjoy each other's company, such that your child will hardly realize your absence. With the above few pointers in mind, it’s easier to tell whether or not your babysitter is putting your child in harm’s way.

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    The best babysitters are trusted friends and family members

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