How to Earn Money From an Event You Organized

How to Earn Money From an Event You Organized

Daniel Hall 19/02/2021 8
How to Earn Money From an Event You Organized

Event planning can be a demanding yet fulfilling role. It can be a great way to make valuable connections with a diverse audience and hone your social skills.


Event planners may be working behind the scenes, but they play an integral part in its success. They are responsible for planning and executing all the logistical aspects to ensure that the events go smoothly. Let’s take a look at some viable ways to earn some cash organizing events.

1. Charge For Tickets, Sell Merchandise and Bring Keynote Speakers

Needless to say that one of the best things you can do to make your event profitable is charging attendees a registration fee or a price of admission. However, this can be a little risky because if there is a low turnout, you may even lose whatever money you invested in organizing the event. However, this is still the most obvious way to monetize an event and earn from it. Guest are more likely to attend an event for which they have already financially committed themselves. It is also essential to analyze your ticket price. You may set a high price as long as you offer them a worthwhile experience. 

You can boost your revenue from ticket sales by introducing different ticket tiers such as VIP options and early bird discounts. To enhance attendees’ experience, create a strategy that would make them pay extra for merchandise and premium experiences. That could include the likes of personal access to keynote speakers, front row seats, or access to a VIP area with free merchandise.

2. Get Paid Sponsors by Highlighting Your Brand

Perhaps the most effective way to generate a steady amount of cash from your event is to collaborate with other brands to secure sponsorships. Finding paid sponsors is an excellent way to cover your costs, enhance the guest experience, and align yourself with like-minded businesses. Sponsors use events to leverage their marketing strategy and meet their marketing goals. Create a sponsorship packet listing the different levels of sponsorships, the cost, and the benefits they will get. Make sure to include:

  • Information about your brand
  • Purpose and vision for the event
  • The audience that will be attending your event
  • Description of the event, such as keynote speakers, special presentations, or other sponsors that may be part of it

However, this is not an exhaustive list. You must do thorough research and explain other details in the proposal to highlight that the sponsors have something to gain by participating in the event. It is essential to partner with logical partners who share the same idea and vision as your brand. For example, if it is a travel conference, then it would be a good idea to have an airline or ticketing agency behind you.

Event sponsorship can bring immense value to your event in the form of financial support and event credibility. Sponsors can help boost your brand’s credibility and as powerful selling tools for the next event.

3. Upsell At The Event and Organise Competitions

Another effective method to increase your revenue from an event is to upsell, which means to market a higher-end additional product and service, and persuade a customer to buy it. Besides selling only a ticket for the event, you may also offer other optional products to make people spend more money. You could also promote the product and convince people to buy it at the event itself. You can also organise competitions to bring more people in the event.  

Many ticketing websites have a lot to offer when it’s about upselling. The revenue generated from the sale of products on the website is usually available to you within a few days. At, you have the option to offer add-ons like merchandise, VIP upgrades, coupon codes, and more while checking out.

4. Display Ads On The Event Website

Most of your event promotions will happen online, which means the event may generate significant online traffic. An event website is a cost-effective way to advertise the event. While the main purpose of the website is to provide detailed information to prospective attendees about the event, it could also be a viable source of revenue generation. 

Through some well-placed and strategically chosen ads, you can maximize profits and boost your income out of the event. You may use Google AdSense, which is a great way to make money from online advertisements. 

Display Ads On The Event Website

As an event planner, you are the brains of a successful event. While we understand that it can be an exhausting and stressful job at times, a little creativity could be the gateway to making a tidy profit and generating a significant income stream.

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  • Sam J

    Keynote speakers are absolutely key in terms of engagement to sell premium tickets.

  • Alexis Black

    I want to start a career as an event planner after finishing my degree and this article just motivated me even more!!

  • Carol Winning

    Extremely helpful, thank you.

  • Sarah Nash

    Any advice for beginners, which area should I focus more on?

  • Julia Heather

    In reply to: Sarah Nash

    Focus on building a network

  • Oscar Reyes


  • Chris Moore

    How do you get feedback from clients that attended the events?

  • Scott Andrews

    In reply to: Chris Moore

    Give them a survey at the end of the event or send surveys online.

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