How To Easily Get Rid Of Bad Smell From Your Workplace

How To Easily Get Rid Of Bad Smell From Your Workplace

Daniel Hall 14/10/2021
How To Easily Get Rid Of Bad Smell From Your Workplace

Bad odor in the workplace can be a result of different issues.

It could be body odors, perfumes, a stinking sink, smelly food, etc. In a well-designed office with proper hygiene policies, bad odors usually disappear as quickly as they appear.

But that’s not always the case. In certain situations, a foul smell can last long enough to interfere with productivity. That could happen if people are having a hard time identifying the source of the smell. Or perhaps no one is equipped or trained well enough to get rid of the smell.

Whatever the reason is, getting rid of foul smells in a workplace must be a priority; otherwise, it will affect your operations.

Below are four tips on how to keep your workplace free of bad odor.


1. Identify The Source

The best way to provide a lasting solution to a bad smell in a workplace is to identify the source of the problem. Sometimes this is pretty straightforward. For example, it could be the trash can. Or rotten food in the office kitchen.

In other cases, a quick scan around the office may not be enough to find the true source of the bad smell. For instance, if there is a dead rodent in the ceiling, it could take weeks before anyone thinks about checking up there.

Therefore, you’ll have to be thorough with your inspection.

2. Promote Air Circulation

Boosting air circulation is one of the easiest ways of dealing with a foul odor. 

Sometimes keeping the office doors and windows open is more than enough. That’s particularly helpful if the bad smell originates from perfumes. 

Besides opening doors, you can also improve air quality by installing a good HVAC system.

Sadly, promoting air circulation is rarely a permanent fix. You still have to find the source and eradicate it.

3. Clean The Office Fridge And Microwaves

The office kitchen is one of the notorious sources of bad smell. The odor could come from the microwave, fridge, cabinets, sink, and other areas. It’s critical to find the source and clean it as quickly as possible. You are free to use cheap homemade cleaning solutions for this.

For example, if the smell comes from a sink, use baking soda, hot water, and vinegar. 

Besides the readily available options, you can also purchase industrial solutions. But make sure you’re using friendly odour removal products. The last thing you want is to expose your employees to health hazards.

4. Consider Hiring The Experts


Sometimes the best way to keep your office smelling fresh and clean is by hiring professional cleaners. Yes, it does require some investment from you, but the cost is usually worth it.

For example, if you are wasting too much time finding the source of the foul odor, hiring professionals is the sensible thing to do. They’ll do a great job for you, ensuring you and your team can remain productive.

Professionals are also vital if the foul odor is serious. For example, if the problem is paint, trained cleaners will provide the safest solution.


Keeping your workplace fresh requires teamwork. Therefore, once you get rid of the bad smell, implement policies to ensure everyone in the team is doing their part to keep the place clean.

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