How to End a Relationship on Good Terms

How to End a Relationship on Good Terms

Anas Bouargane 29/04/2020 7
How to End a Relationship on Good Terms

A breakup will be accompanied by the pain of loss and separation if the person who is being left loves and sees a shared future.

It is unpleasant to realize that the loved one no longer experiences those feelings that were before. It’s hard for someone to think that everything should be started all over again. But still, if you decide to break up, you should do it in the following way:

1. Talk about Problems as Early as Possible

Your girlfriend doesn’t need to know about your complaints only during the breakup. Let her know the real state of affairs. To be in a relationship is like driving a car: if you check small problems in time and fix them, then there will be no big breakdowns. You can’t give false hope, even if this desire seems insurmountable. Keep silent or gently interrupt the conversation at the moment when you feel that you will say stupidity. Your girlfriend will definitely want to hear the reason why you decided to break up with her, so be prepared to name all the reasons.

2. Recover Your Resources

We invest a lot in those we love – emotions, mental strength, care, and plans for the future. Sometimes it seems that part of our personality will forever remain in our loved one. However, in reality, you still have everything that you gave so generously. Create a symbolic image of your contribution to your loved one, and then mentally return it to yourself. Feel what has been given within yourself: the ability to love, spiritual generosity and kindness. All this again belongs to you and will be needed in a new relationship. What if you meet single girls online soon?

3. Don’t Tell Your Friends What Happened

A man should remain a gentleman, keeping honor and dignity. Therefore, it is better not to talk about a breakup to every friend, especially the one initiated by you. And don’t use other people to overcome a breakup – you shouldn’t immediately start dating another person.

4. Be Considerate

We need clarity, but not cruelty. If possible, remember what was good in your relationship, and be sure to note that in the conversation. Well, if it wasn’t terrible from the very beginning to the end, then you probably had wonderful moments, and this is worth mentioning. Try to be a gentleman to the maximum. Thank the ex-partner. She helped you in the difficult task of understanding yourself and your internal growth. Forget about failure, but learn from it.

5. Motivate Yourself

Of course, this is not easy to do. But imagine what the result will be: lightness, liberation, there will be calm and joy in life. There will be time for interesting things, creativity, and self-development. Don’t worry and don’t think of loneliness, and over time, new prospects will open. It will be possible to visit other cities and countries more often, learn something new, get to know people, including women. You can even change your place of residence. The main thing is to break the knot.

6. Be Prepared for the Negativity of the Partner

From this turn of events, she can get angry, begin to show aggression. Try to keep calm and be confident. If the situation gets out of control, let her know that it makes no sense to continue the dialogue in this form. You have made the final decision. You will end the conversation when she comes to senses.

7. Proceed

Understanding alone is not enough. Take action to build your new life and solve problems on your own. Repeat the desired actions regularly so that they become a habit. You will need perseverance and efforts: gradually your thoughts and feelings will change and you will open a new path.

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terms and condition.
  • Darren Cunningham

    Being brutal and causing hatred can never be a virtue.

  • Neil Guppy

    Thanks for the tips

  • Mark Cooper

    It cannot be that black and white.

  • Allen Tissot

    Can't get over my former boyfriend

  • Rikhil Patel

    I hate political correctness, if you are not happy you don't have to apologise, simply move on !!

  • Bob MonteIsland

    A correct breakup should be compared to cutting a rose stem.The break must be clean, sharp, & sudden, so that it cannot be fitted back together. If you try to tear the stem, it shreds and damages the rose -- it can't absorb water well, it disfigures the stem, it tries to rot at the cut, it cannot heal properly, and the overall health of the rose is drastically compromised. But if you make a clean cut, then the rose will last longer, survive longer, absorb new water efficiently, & it's overall health is much better. Think about it.

  • David White

    This really makes me sad

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