How to Generate More Enquiries for Your Business

How to Generate More Enquiries for Your Business

Anas Bouargane 16/12/2020 4
How to Generate More Enquiries for Your Business

Persuading people to make an enquiry with your business moves them further along the sales funnel and gets them a little closer to becoming a fully-fledged customer.

How to Generate More Enquiries for Your Business

No matter what industry you operate in, moving from brand awareness to engagement is a critical step to facilitate customer acquisition.

When a prospective customer makes an enquiry, your sales team have the opportunity to meet their needs and convert them into a client or customer. If successful marketing prompts engagement, for example, an effective sales strategy takes the target a stage further.

However, securing higher rates of engagement isn’t always easy. If you want to generate more enquiries for your business and interact with a higher percentage of your target audience, take a look at these top tips now:

Provide Advice and Guidance

Establishing your brand as an expert within your industry is a sure-fire way to boost engagement. When your company name becomes synonymous with top-quality advice and sector-specific knowledge, your target audience will rely on you for information, guidance and support.

One of the easiest ways to establish your expertise and trustworthiness is to publish regular informational and educational content. ‘How To’ blog posts or instructional videos can help users to access the information they need, for example, while enhancing your SEO and prompting engagement.

Offer Omnichannel Support

If a user wants to make an enquiry, it’s vital they can do so in a way that’s easy for them. Of course, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to contacting a business, so it’s important to have a variety of options available.

Consumers have come to expect customer service via the phone, email, live chat, SMS and in-app support, so be sure to make widely available. Crucially, you’ll need to ensure that every user receives a fast, accurate and informative response. If you don’t have the in-house resources to facilitate this, it’s well-worth using automated technology and/or outsourced customer service to create a great first impression.

Use a Freephone Number

Potential customers or clients won’t want to have to pay to make an enquiry, particularly if this their first interaction with your company. In fact, a premium rate phone line can dissuade a prospective customer from engaging with you, which means your marketing efforts are effectively wasted.

Fortunately, seeing up a Freephone number is easy and straightforward. With virtual Phone Numbers for businesses, for example, you can maximise incoming enquiries and ensure it’s easy for your target audience to get in touch with you. By doing so, you’ll be able to leverage their engagement and optimise your conversion rates, so it’s a strategy that can be extremely lucrative in the long-term.

Publicise Industry News

When news breaks in your industry, be sure to inform and update your target audience. Publishing industry news, along with your company’s opinion on the developments, will help to set you apart as an industry leader and encourage your audience to engage with you.

Furthermore, breaking news and topical information typically attract high search volumes, even if it’s a temporary surge. By featuring related content on your website, in the form of a blog post or article, for example, you can capitalise on this and use it to boost your SEO rankings. By doing so, you’ll rank highly when users search for the most recent news and encourage them to engage with you directly.

Take Part in Events

Being present and highly visible at important events is one of the best ways to secure more enquiries from interested parties. If you’re a B2B business, for example, taking part in trade shows and exhibitions give you a great platform to boost engagement. With staff available on-site, you can capture the imagination of your target audience instantly and respond to their enquiries in seconds.

For B2C companies, there are plenty of similar routes to increased engagement. If your industry hosts trade fairs open to consumers, for example, you’ll want to ensure you have a great space within the exhibition, along with enticing stands and product demos. Similarly, taking part in local events can be an ideal way for local businesses to establish their role within the community and engage with their target market.

Issue Company News Updates

As well as keeping your audience updated about industry news, it’s important to ensure they’re aware of your latest company developments. If you’re launching a new product or opening a new department, for example, this could be a prime reason for potential customers to make enquiries, so it’s important to capitalise on it.

Your company blog is a useful place to feature business news and achievements but be sure to share this content on social media too. For major changes or ‘big news’, you may even want to run a marketing campaign designed to showcase your success and inform prospective customers of the latest changes.  

Reach Out to Existing Customers

When you’re brainstorming ways to increase business enquiries, don’t focus solely on engagement from prospective customers. Retaining clients is typically more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, which means that increasing enquiries from within your existing customer base can generate higher revenues.

Reaching out to existing customers to alert them of new products and updated offers can be a great way to prompt an enquiry. As this segment of your target audience is already familiar with your brand, you should find it easier to convert them into active buyers too.

Prepare for More Enquiries

Successfully prompting more enquiries is good for your business, providing you’ve got the resources and manpower to respond effectively. If your latest campaign is designed to boost engagement, make sure you’ve thought about how you’ll cope with the influx of calls, emails and live chat requests you’re about to receive.

You may need to schedule staff to work more hours, enhance your server capabilities or arrange of third-party specialists to process some enquiries. By taking these steps, you can ensure that the increase in enquiries isn’t wasted and leads to genuine financial gains for your business.

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  • Corey Jackson

    Taking part of online and physical events builds credibility and more business opportunities.

  • Lexie Black

    Starting a blog creates a strong connection. Influencer marketing is also another popular tactic.

  • Alexander Jackson

    SEO optimisation is effective to get more enquiries

  • Collins Faulkner

    Thanks for the help !

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