How to Stop Taking Things Personally at Work

How to Stop Taking Things Personally at Work

Vartika Kashyap 14/03/2019 6

Ever happened that a boss points out something at a meeting and you think it was hinted at you?

I guess we all are guilty of doing that - taking things personally.

At times, we overthink and overanalyze things to such an extent that it takes a lot of emotional and mental toll on our health. It is natural to be affected by a snarky remark made by someone with whom you spend 9-10 hours at the office.

If you’re also part of the same camp, know that you’re not alone. Before you start taking things personally again, read out the following things before you hop on the worry train.

Let Go of Others Opinion of You

You cause yourself a great deal of stress by constantly thinking what others think of you. You have to stop doing that - it’s stressful and time-wasting. Do your work with utmost honesty and sincerity and let go of what others think of you - whether it’s your coworker, HR, or your boss.

Just keep focused on the following things:

  • Cultivate self-acceptance
  • Surround yourself with supportive people 
  • Curb the urge to seek approval from others
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Evaluate the Situation as a Third-Person

You get an eagle’s eye-view when you look at a situation from outside as a complete stranger. It helps you to not being over critical or extra-hard on yourself. Instead of beating yourself up, you understand that it’s not always about you. Sometimes, people react a certain way due to their issues, insecurities, and desire to control a situation.

Just keep focused on the following things:

  • Don’t jump to conclusions
  • Develop a neutral outlook
  • Give the other person the benefit of doubt 

Become Dangerously Confident

One gets affected by others opinion only when they have low self-esteem. If you are confident of yourself and you know about your capabilities, nothing can shake you up. Always bear in mind that self-confidence and self-worth is the foundation on which everything else is built.

Just keep focused on the following things:

  • Get to know yourself
  • Push through self-limiting beliefs
  • Stand tall
  • Empower yourself with knowledge

Let Things Go

Holding on does more damage to you than the other person. If a colleague has done something bad to you, let it go wisely. Do not let it make you bitter or hold any angst against someone. It’s better to navigate through unpleasant things and make more room for happiness in life.

Just keep focused on the following things:

  • Control how you act and behave
  • Only worry about what you think of yourself
  • Accept what you can’t change 

Being able to let go is a great virtue to have. It lessens the unnecessary pain and suffering and helps you perform better professionally. 

Please let me know if you agree with the above pointers, and also, what do you do to stop taking things personally at work.

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Vartika Kashyap is the Marketing Manager at ProofHub and has been one of the LinkedIn Top Voices in 2017 and 2018. Her articles are inspired by office situations and work-related events. She likes to write about productivity, team building, work culture, leadership, entrepreneurship among others and contributing to a better workplace is what makes her click. Follow her on Linkedin. 

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  • Danielle Boydon

    Not taking things personally is no easy undertaking.

  • Shawn Gill

    If your colleagues don't know you personally don't take it personally

  • Abdelmalek Elghouat

    Great advice

  • Justin Larsen

    Let it go and you will be fine

  • Vanessa Romero

    It's the ego that takes thing personal it's the ego that attacks, all of this triggers trauma especially if underlying within our subconscious.

  • Andrew Ferguson

    The thing that bothers me is that some dare to jump on strangers.

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