Instagram Marketing Hacks for Non Profit Organizations

Instagram Marketing Hacks for Non Profit Organizations

Roshni Dhal 21/07/2021
Instagram Marketing Hacks for Non Profit Organizations

Are you a nonprofit struggling on how to have success on Instagram?

In this article, we will provide you some top tips on how your organization can succeed online. Nonprofits are businesses just like any other company. I'm going to show you several examples. But before I dive in I need to cover a few things first.

You have a mission and you need money to make that happen. You still have to convince people to choose to spend their money with you and your cause. Instagram allows you to visually persuade people to believe in your cause. Before walking through five different examples, I want to first outline these three things that I think every nonprofit should consider when starting an Instagram strategy.

1. Number one, who are your donors? What are their likes, dislikes, preferences? Where do they travel, dine, go for entertainment?

Think of a museum, or a Broadway show, or maybe a wine tasting event. Ultimately this is who you're trying to please with your account.

2. Number two, what is the visual proof that your concept is working? Show case studies. Show people whose lives you are changing.

3. And number three, who on your team is going to own your Instagram activity? Someone on your team needs to be the go to when collecting images or videos and that same person should be the one engaging with your audience.

Remember, engagement is key and someone needs to be actively engaging with all the comments and questions. With those points in mind, let's take a look at some stellar examples of nonprofits making an impact on Instagram. The first one is Charity Water. Charity Water does influencer marketing extremely well. They partner with people who align with their brand or businesses like Spotify.


They know exactly who they are trying to attract to get to donate to their cause. They have spectacular photos, everywhere you click in, and they celebrate their donors. It looks like a really great company to work with. But the stellar photos are amazing. You definitely want to spend some time here connecting with all of these smiling faces. The second nonprofit I want to bring your attention to is RED, the AIDS free revolution. RED has strong branding to stay memorable. They use custom hashtags for each campaign. So when you click into one of their hashtag hubs you can see the activity from that campaign.


They also have a lot of great seasonal content, New Year's, football season, Martin Luther King, they are right on top of what's going on for each season. The San Diego Zoo is another great example of a nonprofit who is doing really well on Instagram.



They do great Instagram driven campaigns like Share, Howl and Roar Instagram Video Contest. Their single subject photos capture so much character and give so much value by educating and entertaining every single post. If you've never visited the San Diego Zoo you should definitely check out their Instagram account and get very intimate with what animals are there. I now want to take you to the Brooklyn Museum. They do a great job at celebrating the curators of their exhibits. They also geotag their posts. And when you geotag on Instagram, your posts get 79% more engagement. In addition, they do a great job at highlighting the culture of Brooklyn and announcing any new exhibits that are coming their way.


Be sure to go check them out. I really love this account. What I want to bring to your attention are a few things. So spend some time going through these accounts. I know that you're going to get a lot of inspiration and ideas, especially if you are in a nonprofit organization.

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite nonprofit Instagram accounts are so that we can all see them.

Stay Blessed.

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