Is Your Boss Spying On You At Work?

Is Your Boss Spying On You At Work?

Vartika Kashyap 31/07/2019 5

According to research carried out by the Trade Unions Congress (TUC), 56% of UK workers believe that they are monitored by their bosses at work.

Here are the types of monitoring (least tolerable):

a) The use of facial recognition technology for mood monitoring.

b) The monitoring of social media accounts outside work.

c) The recording of a worker's location on wearable or handheld devices

d) The monitoring of keyboard strokes.

It might be unfair to say your boss is “spying,” or simply “keeping close tabs on your activity”. But unfortunately, there can be situations, when your boss will have to spy on you, maybe for good. 

Your boss may be spying on you because of these reasons:

  • You are being a downer

You show signs of lack of interest during meetings or when it comes to delivering ideas. 

  • You’re all the time on the phone

Checking in every time for notifications, taking calls, scrolling social media or you are never putting away your phone. 

  • There are rumors about you

You are not being dedicated to the work and may be involved in some external work as well. 

  • You’re planning to quit

You plan to change your job without coming to your boss about what you don’t like or want to be changed. 

  • You never reach office on time

Showing up on time is important, to be ready for a good start of the day.

  • They want you to get in trouble

Your boss particularly is not liking how you work and want you to get in trouble. 

  • Your emails are inappropriate

When your emails to co-workers or managers are not in the right tone and it often invites conflict. 

  • You’re not meeting deadlines

You’re being terribly bad at prioritizing tasks at work and thus, miss deadlines all the time.

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  • You skip all team fun activities

Your boss may detect something fishy if you show no interest in team-building activities or fun activities at work. 

Employees often see the downside of being monitored at work. While there are some drawbacks, there are many advantages as well. It can be for your own good. It could be how you get a promotion or an appraisal. 

However, if you feel your boss is targeting you in an unfair manner, try to reform the situation by talking to your boss.

Do you feel your boss is spying on you at work? How do you feel about this? Let me know in the comments below.


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  • Martin Ashworth

    Employers have more data than ever on their workforce.

  • Judith Flagstone

    I am so sick of all the spying in our society!

  • Paul Blasetti

    Bosses must have read the handbook from the ccp.

  • Luke Marshall

    This is even worse than what china is doing by installing spy camera of every street corner.

  • Sammy Peebles

    Do they spy in my bed?

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