Leadership Lessons From Kids: Ways of Working

Leadership Lessons From Kids: Ways of Working

Leadership Lessons From Kids: Ways of Working

My kids have this 'thing' of showing up unexpectedly when I am on video calls.

It is fun for them but it isn't so much fun for me. I have tried explaining why they shouldn't make an entry or be party to my calls.

They listen keenly to whatever I say, understand and say OK.

For few days, they stay away. After some time they forget all about it - much to my dismay. Interestingly when they have their school video calls - they expect me to stay away always. And I do!

Recently, they made a 'special guest appearance' on a video call I was on despite me clearly telling them to keep away. I was annoyed but exercised immense self control and did not say anything. Just let the moment pass!

The next day when my daughter was on a school related video call, I showed up at class unannounced. She asked me to leave but I ignored her request and continued to make my presence felt :). After a few tearful pleas from her, I left.

I guess I made my point loud and clear. They learnt and understood the point - and hopefully will remember for longer this time!

The whole episode got me thinking about leading in the workplace.

As a leader, we all are faced with situations when the teams we are working with don't do as we expect them to - despite explaining to them the "Why?". How do you handle such situations? Taking a leaf from my story with the kids, sometimes the best way to impress a lesson is to give them a true, full and wholesome taste of the implications in their world.

I find this to be a powerful way to address the realities, differences and challenges of working in a multi-generational workforce. The mind-set, motivators and outlook to everything at work is very distinct and different based on whether you are part of Gen X, Gen Y or Gen Z. And yet when you work in a team and have to deliver on shared objectives against planned deadlines, some guidelines around the ways of working need to be sacrosanct.

What would you do in such a situation? Leave a comment to let me know.

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  • Danny Clarkson

    We can learn so much more from kids

  • Paul K

    Good article

  • Michael Scollay

    Each generation is different !

  • Kyle Hardman

    This is a great article

  • Michael Shannon


  • Paul Brown

    Wonderful piece !

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