Lessons of Life No School Teaches You: A New Series

Lessons of Life No School Teaches You: A New Series

Lessons of Life No School Teaches You: A New Series

I have always been an 'academic star' – right from Nursery School way up until my Management Degree at IIM (Indian Institute of Management).

Over the years, I gained knowledge on a wide range of subjects, upgraded myself on a diverse set of skills (some by choice, and some by lack of choice), nurtured a range of interests and passions which were of interest to me (which include sport, art, cooking, design, reading, writing, etc.), accomplished a bunch of things (some with focus and hard-work and some which just happened along the way!)..

And so today if I look back at the journey - I have mixed emotions and thoughts

The good emotions are of happiness, joy, gratitude and pride .

The not so good ones are of helplessness, grief, sadness and ignorance.

I often wonder if I could have managed the not so good times better so it could have been easier for me..

And the answer is a resounding YES... if only I knew some life lessons ..

See that's the thing about life lessons.. No one even mentions them to you ! So how do you learn the basics.. and how do you enhance them?

Interestingly, there are classes for Math, Science, Dance, Language, Music, Drama, Programming, Design, Public Speaking... and a whole bunch of other things under the Sun...

But who teaches you lessons like

How to say no?

How to deal with change?

How to handle failure?

How to communicate effectively?

How to deal with loss?

How to manage your time?

How to be a lifelong learner?

How to build good habits?

How to enhance self-discipline?

How to give and accept compliments?

How to show you care?

How to set and manage expectations?

How to say sorry?

How to deal with loss and grief?

How to manage your money?

How to manage your energy?

Why and How to develop a morning routine?

Why you should have a list of "Things to do before I die"

How to let-go?

Looking back at my own life.. No one ever really mentioned that I need to know these life lessons. And of course, no one really taught them to me.. So I learnt a lot the real hard way with lots of heart ache and headache through real life experiences... And I am still learning some of these.. But at least, I know that they are important today..

Then I look all around me.. see and interact with young kids who are the future of the world; and realise that many are as clueless as I was about these life lessons.

So I was compelled to start this series to share my stories and experiences on life lessons which no school teaches you.. with the hope that you possibly and probably know that it is important and learn it before it is too late..

I look forward to writing this series for the rest of the year, and would love to hear your feedback / comments!

Till my next post, just live life.

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