On Giving & Receiving

On Giving & Receiving

Savvy Raj 29/06/2019 5

In the giving, we find our self.

In the receiving, we understand our self.

In learning to give and receive well we learn about our own nature. How we feel in accepting a gift or compliment or reward or title... For many, it is a task that is confusing, to say the least, especially how to accept a gift in a graceful dignified way.

Even more so, however, is how we learn to reciprocate what we receive and how to do so.

It truly is about reflecting gratitude. A gift well received is a gift in the truest sense or else it can be perceived in many other ways. How do you receive the gift you are given and how you care to express it back can make all the difference. Although subjective to the giver and the occasion the way you acknowledge it is very important to the giver.

I remember this incident from my childhood...

Many years ago as a young kid at school, I used to carefully collect and save my pocket money so as to be able to buy small gifts for my family and friends on their birthdays. I would forgo my little sweet treats at lunch break and put it all in a little purse.

Once it was one of my dear relatives birthdays and I managed to joyfully search and buy a beautiful bracelet, a trinket actually from the saved money and happily gifted it to her. But to my dismay ...in a few days she went and exchanged my gift for something else and I felt a little disappointed for a while when she told me casually about it only much later. But then gradually I let it go and accepted it as every person is entitled to their own taste of things. And I also felt, what may appeal to one may not suit the other. To each his or her own!

All is a matter of a shift in perspectives.

As soon as you adjust the way you see things the so-called issues that irk disappear on their own... but the question is are we ready to see beyond the niggling bits.

Lessons in life and living indeed!

A few more reflections on Giving and Receiving



Give with all of your heart 

whenever and wherever you can 

Because you truly can.

Receive by expressing the value 

In heartfelt appreciation

of what you have got 

Because it truly matters.

For then in the giving and receiving 

Is established a full circle 

of a contented connection.

And that will pave the path of grace

For more to follow along.


Give generously without any expectation. 

Receive generously in true appreciation.

Both are the core of human nature in action.

And all is well in the circle of interconnection.


When you give heartfully forget about it.

When you receive gratefully, remember it.


Tell me have you ever had a similar experience.

What do you think about it? How would you feel if your gift was exchanged... or have you exchanged a gift for another?

Would love to hear from you, do share your thoughts...


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  • Rowan Young

    This is also in the bible.

  • Paul Barnes

    We are so blessed but we have to cultivate the attitude of acknowledging it.

  • Derek East

    You are so right ! Love your message !

  • Kelly Hall

    A really interesting and enlightening poem

  • Joey Jordan

    I'm a logical person so not seeing a 1:1 return or how I've felt it to be boggles me.

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Savvy Raj

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Savvy is a Global Goodwill Ambassador, Artist and Member International Council of Dance UNESCO Dance Educator. From individuals to the corporate sector, she has taught dancing to people of all ages. She conducts workshops in Ballroom and Latin dances integrated with mindful movements as an effective stress buster program. Savvy completed her education in the University of Mumbai.

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