Practice Gratitude to Bring Happiness In Your Team

Practice Gratitude to Bring Happiness In Your Team

Vartika Kashyap 05/07/2020 4
Practice Gratitude to Bring Happiness In Your Team

I am writing this article as an appreciation to my team, for the efforts they are putting to keep everything together and work productively even when things have changed quite drastically over the past few months. 

I thank everyone in my team at ProofHub for all that they have done so far and are doing right now as I write this post. You are the reason that ProofHub is what it is today!!!

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A lot has changed in the past 90 days or so. From working with team members under the same roof to now adapting to working from home - things have taken quite a drastic change. 

However, the one thing that hasn’t changed, for me, is the vigor with which my team has been performing. It’s so pleasing to see that everyone is exceeding their expectations even when most of them are new to work from the home conditions. 

Here’s how I have managed to achieve this:

1. Building a Close-Knit Team

I’ve always been a manager that’s believed in building a human connection in the team. Although the focus is always primarily on the work that we all are doing together while managing ProofHub’s marketing, I always put that extra to make sure that there’s a connection beyond work as well. 

Whether it was arranging for regular potluck lunches to promote team bonding when things were normal to taking virtual coffee breaks together during these times of working from home, I’ve never been shy to adapt activities that keep the team together. 

2. Being Available for Them

Whether it was while working in the same premise or today when we are working as a scattered team, I’ve made sure one thing - my doors of communication are always open for my team members. 

They can come to discuss things not only about marketing work at ProofHub but also when something is causing stress to them in their personal life too.

I’ve always been a strong advocate for open communication, and this has been one of the biggest reasons behind having a happy team at ProofHub. 

3. Gratitude

The last and the most significant thing that has helped in my journey as a team manager in ProofHub has to be Gratitude. 

Practicing the art of being thankful for having the opportunity to lead a wonderful team has been a wonderful thing. 

Not only am I able to see joyous faces working with me in my team, but I can also sense the bonding they have created with each other, and how they have each other’s back during these tough times, which makes everyone happy! :) 

If you have a team that is working hard for your business, there’s no better time to show them how thankful you are to them. It is because of them that your business exists; never hesitate to show them the appreciation they deserve.

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Vartika Kashyap is the Chief Marketing Officer at ProofHub — leading project management software. From contributing to websites such as The Huffington Post,, Elearning, Dzone, and The Next Web to becoming LinkedIn Top Voices in 2017 and 2018, she has recognised amazing new ways to reach the audience. She weaves stories about productivity, team building, work culture, leadership, and common workplace events. She also loves to read and travel to new places.

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  • George Noyce

    I am grateful to work in an incredible team. Everything is not perfect but at least I am grateful.

  • Ryan Nero

    Well done Vartika

  • Alex Bonamy

    This is something I forget much too often, thank you for the reminder!

  • Rafael Zapata

    Thanks for sharing

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