Recent Survey Reveals Dental Hygiene Habits Practiced by Select Individuals in the UK

Recent Survey Reveals Dental Hygiene Habits Practiced by Select Individuals in the UK

Felix Yim 31/08/2022
Recent Survey Reveals Dental Hygiene Habits Practiced by Select Individuals in the UK

Maintaining excellent dental hygiene keeps our teeth healthy and clean.

It helps prevent bacteria and other germs from getting into our mouths.

Awareness has to be raised about dental cleanness to inform people who do not know about the benefits of good dental hygiene.

For this reason, Hive, a dental accountants UK organization created a survey, as part of National Smile Month 2022, to identify the critical oral hygiene habits of the UK.


How Often Do People Use Mouthwash?

In a shocking discovery, 36% of participants of the age 35-44-year-olds demographic claimed ‌ they had never used mouthwash.

While mouthwash may not necessarily be needed if people brush and floss their teeth often, it is usually advised that it be taken immediately after brushing or flossing and used ‌ often, too.

However, this by no means suggests that mouthwash should serve as a replacement for brushing or flossing because it is incapable of removing hidden particles within the layers of the teeth.

How Often Do People Regularly Share Toothbrushes?

28% of respondents admitted ‌ they had shared their toothbrush at least once with someone else. 

In hindsight, doing so can be quite detrimental to the mouth and the body ‌in the long run. For one, a toothbrush is a very delicate tool capable of easily growing bacteria and other germs.

Sharing it with someone else could cause these germs to accumulate, causing the teeth to decay or ache in the process.

39% of Participants Barely Brush their Teeth in a Week

One can only imagine the amount of food debris that must have hidden within the teeth of people who barely brush their teeth in an entire week.

Often, this food debris leads to dental plaque and even teeth discolouration, which is harmful to oral health, to say the least.

Most times, the reason for this is that people ‌ ignore their oral health or do not consider it important enough to be paid the same attention as other serious health issues.

By doing so, they ‌ overlook the obvious signs of an impending dental problem such as a toothache or tooth decay and only pay attention to it when it becomes unbearable.

Moving on, 63% of participants classified as millennials acknowledged the fact that they brush their teeth over three times a day.

This alone is quite encouraging as it shows that many people recognise the benefits of having good oral hygiene and the dangers of having diseases such as heart failure and atrial fibrillation should they choose to maintain poor oral hygiene.


You cannot say that you live and maintain a healthy lifestyle if you do not maintain good oral hygiene.

Also, what most people fail to realize is the fact that the resultant effect of having poor oral hygiene could be unbearable not only to themselves but to people around them as well.

For this reason and much more, good dental hygiene should and must be part of everyone’s lifestyle.

To find out more information about the oral hygiene survey, visit here.

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