Reflecting on Weight Loss and Decision Making

Reflecting on Weight Loss and Decision Making

Reflecting on Weight Loss and Decision Making

Over the past 2 decades I have had some great highs in my personal weight.

The highs manifested due to the usual suspects - lifestyle (including bad diet, lack of exercise, irregular sleep patters), stress and of course, pregnancy.

And then I have a wake-up call and make weight loss a priority.

As a result, I make conscious changes in my diet or exercise. The beginning is almost agony. Almost like the body is revolting to the change. It is painful, unpleasant and sometimes unbearable.

The key is to keep going the initial few days till you adapt to these changes. But the pain I experience in that phase is something I can never forget!

So every time I start gaining weight , the first thought that comes to me is "I don't want to experience that pain again... " rather than "I want to lose weight"!


I sometimes wonder what is more powerful in our choices and decisions as leaders...
"I don't want to.." or
"I want to.."

Is it
"I don't want to fail" or
"I don't want attrition" or
"I don't want to incur loss" or
"I don't want to lose a customer"

"I want to win" or
"I want to build a world class team" or
"I want to grow a profitable business " or
"I want to grow my customer base by 10%"

Both can work, but what is more effective for you?

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  • Jackie Nolan

    Excellent piece !

  • Craig Fox

    Really important questions that we should ask in our weigh loss/gain journey.

  • Melissa Holmes

    Counting calories can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food especially if you aren’t confident about your weight.

  • Gary Smith

    We all want to look good to impress our colleagues and get more customers, it's part of our nature.

  • James Norris

    I don't want to fail.. That's the way I am thinking..

  • Lee Martinson

    NO MATTER how hard you TRAIN, if your DIET is poor you probably won't make any significant progress. I WANT TO WIN and GROW.

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Nischala Murthy Kaushik

Marketing Expert

Nischala is the Global Marketing Head at Wipro. She is a new age marketer who enjoys work which has a jazz and bass of logic, creativity and making a global impact. She is also an advisor / mentor with several global initiatives involving startups, technology consortia and #WomenAtWork communities. Her expertise is to craft and design high impact marketing strategies for emerging and high growth technology areas like blockchain, AI, next generation solutions. She believes the equation to marketing success is moving the dot from mind-share to market-share to profit-share. Her claim to fame is being among India's 2017 Top 100 Brand & Content Custodians, a TEDx talk, being among Twitterati and featuring in several global "Best in blogging" lists. Nischala holds an MBA from IIM Bangalore. You can follow her on Twitter @nimu9


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