Skills and Careers for Millennials

Skills and Careers for Millennials

Skills and Careers for Millennials

With the outbreak of global pandemic in early 2020, a lot has changed in the world around us - and more so in the business context.

Companies are critically looking at their changing customer needs, their own solutions, services, products, offerings , capabilities, business models, revenue streams, cost structures, company policies, internal processes, talent and workforce.

Hence for working professionals - the focus on skills and careers is of paramount importance - to be relevant, to perform and have a fair chance at growth and professional success; more so if you are a millennial and in the early stages of your career journey. It is important to be aware of what organizations look for and expect in talent, and also what skills and capabilities you have as a professional and consciously plan around what can be enhanced by consciously working on it.

Show Up at work and deliver. Be clear on what you have to do and do your part. Do it well - to the best of your ability!

Own Up your role and its outcome. Let others know your boundary, your game and your rules at work. Play to win!

Speak Up when it counts and in front of the right stakeholders. For this, you should know and own your story! And ensure that the ecosystem knows what you have done, and you get credit for your work!

There have been a few times in my career when things at work did not go as I wanted, planned or anticipated. Let's just say they weren't meant to be! I was disappointed, disheartened and de-motivated. It negatively affected my outlook to work, the way I worked and my performance at work. But over time, I realized that it didn't really help my career. If you are a young professional, the sooner you know this lesson - the better for you! The reality is that things at work won't always go as you want, plan or anticipate. And it is ok to be sad, upset, angry about it.

But the most important question is for "How long?". Sometimes it can be few days, weeks, months to come back on to the career-track. And that comes at a price - in terms of opportunities, growth, recognition, relationships, experience and reputation.

So in the long term - it is critical to 'bounce-back' from setbacks sooner than later. That's resilience.

Promotions at work are an important career milestone for many working professionals. In the short term, they affect confidence and financial growth. In long term, they affect opportunities that one is considered for, your professional brand and career path. 

Promotions at work are an important career milestone for many working professionals. In the short term, they affect confidence and financial growth. In long term, they affect opportunities that one is considered for , your professional brand and career path.

However, it is important to know and understand that getting that promotion at work is not always simple and straight-forward.

Below are the 4 scenarios:

1) You deserve it, you get promoted
2) You deserve it, you don't get promoted
3) You don't deserve it, you get promoted
4) You don't deserve it, you don't get promoted

Scenarios 1 and 4 are easy to come to terms with. You get what you deserved.

When scenario 2 happens, it hurts. It is good to think about Why ? It may not always be you. It may be due to company policy or perception of you from a decision maker or organizational politics. Just don't let this affect your self confidence. If you deserve it, in long run - things work out

When scenario 3 happens, it feels good as you probably just got lucky. But in long term, it evens out as luck doesn't last forever.

As young aspiring professionals, just know that while career promotions are great to aspire and work towards, don't let it affect your self confidence.


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  • Clint Burrow

    Young professionals are still learning. Mistakes are bound to happen. Seize every opportunity. Work smart and grab every opportunity. You can do it !!

  • Samuel Peers

    Career prospect of this generation is uncertain with this pandemic

  • Steve Kjellsen

    2020 could end up on a positive note with a new president and covid19 could be gone very soon... It could very well happen...

  • Leo Alaniz

    Thanks for the motivation

  • Marcus Knowles

    Helpful tips

  • David Markey

    You really inspired me !!

  • Kathy H

    Thank you for restoring my confidence

  • Lee Graham

    Awesome tips

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