Smart Ways to Upgrade Your House to Raise its Market Value

Smart Ways to Upgrade Your House to Raise its Market Value

Daniel Hall 23/11/2022
Smart Ways to Upgrade Your House to Raise its Market Value

At the moment, house prices are through the roof.

Analysts predict that at some point in the next few years, house prices are going to crash. If you want your house to retain its value when the inevitable crash comes, then you need to upgrade it. Performing upgrades and improvements can help to significantly increase your property’s value.

It should also be noted that if you are planning on selling soon, because prices are currently high, performing upgrades could push your home’s value up to eye-watering levels.

This article will tell you about a few upgrades you can make to your house to raise its market value.


Residential Elevator

If you have a large house, then a residential elevator might be something that’s worth considering. Such additions are only usually made to the homes of the elderly or those with mobility issues. However, despite the fact that residential elevators are only really installed in old people’s houses, installing one could be a fantastic addition to your house. The reason for this is that elevators are very unique, so young people shopping for houses will be willing to pay more just so they can see their house has its own lift. But you might be wondering how much do home lifts cost, and the answer to that question is not much! You can have one installed in your house for a very reasonable price. Many retailers will even allow you to get your home lift on finance.

Smart System

The installation of a smart system is another thing to consider. Smart systems are very popular at the moment. When people install smart systems in their homes, they tend to take them with them when they leave. Installing a smart system and then agreeing to live it behind once you’ve moved house is a highly effective way of pushing up your property’s value. Smart security systems are most desirable at the moment since property crime rates are through the roof. Make sure your smart system is centralized, or in other words, that it’s all connected to a single hub.

Kitchen Upgrades

If you want to increase your home’s value, then a kitchen upgrade is definitely something that’s worth considering. A kitchen upgrade can increase your property value exponentially. However, kitchen upgrades and repairs can be expensive. Most people employ professional interior designers to perform upgrades, but hiring such people isn’t always the most economical option. If you are on a budget, then perform upgrades yourself. You can easily fit and uninstall cabinets and install appliances. Internet guides and videos will help you to make changes.


Garden Firepit

A firepit in your garden could be a great way of increasing your property’s value. The reason for this is that by installing a firepit, your garden becomes usable all year round. Most people’s gardens are left untouched over the winter period because sitting outside when it’s cold can be very uncomfortable. However, by installing a firepit, you make sitting in the garden on a winter’s day a lot more comfortable. You may also want to install a pagoda or shelter over your firepit so that you can sit out there in the rain.

Repainting Property

Repainting your house inside and out can increase its value. If your home’s paint looks tired, distressed, and old, then repainting will help to give it new life. Nobody is going to want to buy a house that looks old. In terms of painting your home’s façade, you may want to hire a professional painter to do that for you. You probably won’t be able to do it as effectively if you try to do it yourself. You can paint inside without another person’s help though. Wallpaper is also something to consider. Sticking wallpaper up can improve your home’s appearance for the better. Try to buy block-printed wallpaper, because it tends to be more valuable.

Plantation Shutters

Lastly, consider putting plantation shutters up on all of your home’s windows. Installing plantation shutters can improve your home’s appearance for the better. Make sure that the shutters you install are wooden. Wooden plantation shutters are a lot more valuable than plastic or metal ones. Also, wooden shutters age better. However, they also require a lot more care. You need to make sure that you regularly open your windows and air out your house, so they do not begin to rot. Wood rot can destroy your shutters (and your windows too, if they are made from timber).

Increasing your home’s value doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, with this post’s guidance, it has never been easier. All of the suggestions made here can be used to dramatically increase your property’s real market value.

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