Some Naked Truth

Some Naked Truth

Huiwen Wu 02/07/2019 8

Thought I'd share some thoughts after watching this video.

Job = Modern Slavery.

If it’s true, wouldn’t it be funny that one of the major goals for the government has always been to create jobs?

Surely certain professions are in need and of great value. We can’t imagine a world without nurses, social carers, all kinds of small service providers like cleaners, plumbers, electricians…but most of the other jobs in the Matrix are, let's be honest, pure “bullshit”.

David Graeber, an anthropology professor at LSE once wrote bluntly about this "Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs - the unspeakable truth that most people "spend their entire working lives performing tasks they secretly believe do not really need to be performed"

The article became such a phenomenon itself a few years ago with sentences quoted everywhere in London underground tubes…

Surprised? Not so, if 85% of the population do hate their jobs.

The good news is that with all the technology development, the advancement of AI and automation, most of these "bullshit jobs" will be gone sooner or later;

The bad news is that most people will probably get depressed. Without a job, what can we do? A job has been a “calling” for many over the centuries. We have gotten so used to this “modern slavery” that once someone sets us free, we freak out.

Guess what, the dream of a slave is not freedom, but to become a master.

Speaking of freedom…

Can we really live in a world without jobs, or even, without a government?

As much as we hate today’s government, or our jobs, we still need them. Why? Not because of financial security. That’s just a technical issue that can be solved in one way or another. But we are simply not there yet. Most of us, if not all, do not know how to make good decisions for ourselves and do not take responsibilities for the decisions we made.

That’s why we rely on our bosses, our “leaders” to tell us what to do or not to do. We do whatever everyone is doing and we go wherever everyone is going, herding like Motley Cows. And if things go wrong, it is so easy to blame “them".

But the “leaders” are merely a reflection of our own consciousness.

Freedom or true democracy can only be achieved when each and every one of us reaches such a level of consciousness that we are truly able to govern ourselves, without relying on any external entity.

Living in harmony with both our fellow humans and with the nature, not because we are told to do so, but we know. This inner knowing, independent of any external orders, is our inner compass, guiding us navigate throughout life, each and every step along the way. 

"It may be that the human race is not ready for freedom. The air of liberty may be too rarefied for us to breathe. Certainly I wouldn’t be writing this book, on this subject, if living with freedom were easy. The paradox seems to be, as Socrates demonstrated long ago, that the truly free individual is free only to the extent of his own self-mastery. While those who will not govern themselves are condemned to find masters to govern over them.” Writes Steven Pressfield in the War of Art.

That’s right. We, with our infantile consciousness, are simply not there yet. That’s just the naked truth about today’s world…unfortunately. There is no alternative, not yet. But we are still evolving and we will get there eventually.

A long way to go indeed.

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  • Christopher Ronaike

    School has taught me many things that I never used.

  • Paul Morris

    I am learning way more stuff on the Internet than I learn at work

  • Jamie Bryant

    Bitter truth that they don't want us to know.

  • Kieran Horne

    Your salary is the bribe they pay you to forget your dreams.

  • William de Ruiter

    85% of people are stuck in their comfort zone, join the 15% by stepping out.

  • Paul Smith

    Just go out there and do your thing.

  • Elizabeth Bert

    Not everyone can move back in with parents.

  • Randy Pardee

    Thanks for the inspiration

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