The 5 Best Countries in Europe to Find Work-Study Jobs

The 5 Best Countries in Europe to Find Work-Study Jobs

Daniel Hall 10/01/2023
The 5 Best Countries in Europe to Find Work-Study Jobs

If you're looking for a way to finance your education, work-study abroad is a great option.

It allows you to make money and gain valuable experience in a new country, all while being able to use your college credits toward your degree. 

European countries offer Americans a lot of different options for both studying a degree or certification while getting paid. Living abroad is not always cheap after all, depending on your destination. 

If you would like to apply for the chance to work and study in Europe it’s essential to apply with the correct resume format for European countries

Also, understand which countries would be the best to find a work-study opportunity in.

What is Work-Study?

Work-study is a great way to travel and earn money. It's an option that's available in many countries across Europe, and it's especially useful for students who want to study abroad. 

Work-study programs are available for students, recent graduates, and professionals alike.

The basic idea of work-study is pretty straightforward: you apply to a program that matches your skills with jobs you're qualified to do while abroad. In exchange, you'll get paid. 

In certain arrangements you may even get your residence, food, and transportation, costs included in the deal. 

Work-study abroad is a great way to build your resume and travel the world. Through these programs, you can gain valuable work experience and make connections that will last you a lifetime. 

What's more, many employers have hiring preferences for people who have worked with them before or have an international background. 

This will be key if you complete an internship at a large firm, such as an international investment banking corporation. 

It's not only about work experience: Working abroad allows you to explore new cultures and become part of their community, which is invaluable for young people looking for internships or jobs after college graduation.

You'll meet other students like yourself. It’s a fantastic way to network and even make close personal connections. 

So which countries should you look for a work-study opportunity? 


Spain is a popular destination for work-study students, it offers many opportunities to earn money while learning. The country has many universities that offer work-study opportunities to U.S. citizens. 

In addition, Spanish companies and schools prefer to employ native English speakers.

Due to the low level of English in Spain (compared to other countries in Europe), a lot of English-speaking roles are usually available. 

Madrid and Barcelona are the largest cities in the country, however, finding a work-study role won’t be too difficult wherever you look in Spain. 


If you're a business student looking for work-study jobs, you should consider Switzerland. The country has a strong economy and there are many banks and corporations found in Switzerland. 

Zurich is home to some of the world's largest financial services companies like Credit Suisse and UBS.

Anyone interested in finding opportunities in Switzerland however, will probably need to have a high level of German or French language skills, even Italian may be needed. 

While English is widely spoken, knowledge of these languages will give you a step up on much of the competition. 


Germany is a great place for students to find work-study jobs. Germany has one of the largest economies in Europe and many companies hire foreign students to intern during their studies, especially if they have an engineering or science background.

For example, Volkswagen hires over 200 foreign interns each year from universities including MIT, Stanford University, and Harvard Business School.

Even with the effects of the conflict in Ukraine continuing it is a great place to look for work-study possibilities. 

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a great location for students and graduates looking for work-study jobs.

Of course, with English being the first language of the country you won’t have much trouble adapting to the classroom or workplace. 

The only drawback with the UK is the Brexit situation which makes it a bit harder to travel around Europe when leaving and entering Great Britain. 

However, it remains a great location to work, study, and explore. 


If you want to work abroad while living in a beautiful country with a rich history, France may be the ideal choice. France is home to many corporations and has a high standard of living. 

If you want to learn about French culture, there is no shortage of opportunities for that as well. 

Of course, it is also the dream of many Americans to spend a period living and studying abroad in Paris. 

If you're lucky enough to find yourself in Paris during summer, the city becomes even more vibrant than usual thanks to festivals throughout the city.

Europe is a fantastic place to work and have new exciting experiences. There are other countries in Europe such as the Netherlands and Austria that are also fantastic places to find a work-study.

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