The Bliss of Leadership is to Let the Full Potential in Your Employees

The Bliss of Leadership is to Let the Full Potential in Your Employees

Vartika Kashyap 23/08/2019 7

Going through several pieces of training, struggling through challenges, advancing your education, and putting your efforts - you’re a leader now. But does this simply mean you’ll be now just delegating and presiding over meetings?

The leaders of the 21st-century must have the expertise to make the most out of every situation—get the most out of people; enable the full potential in others. No matter what, you’re now responsible to develop those potentially strong leaders under you. 

I realized this lately when I noticed an employee at ProofHub asking to be given extra tasks and duties to improve the results. He worked diligently and is directed to improve his knowledge through extra tasks and responsibilities. That makes him have more potential. And it then becomes my duty to help him with his potential to grow. 

Perhaps, every employee is different. They have their beliefs and influences. The best leaders are those who can appreciate the efforts that one brings and put it to full use. And these leaders are known to be emotionally intelligent. They are so well in connecting the dots and the possibilities within each dot to bring the full potential in each of the employees. 

1. Encourage them to be Confident Decision-Makers

It is important that your employees feel confident when making decisions if they have to make the most of the opportunities that come their way. When the employees struggle to make decisions out of fear of getting in trouble, leaders should know how to find the blind spots and save them from falling into the trap of bad decisions. 

2. Inspire Your Employees

Someone will always be looking to you as an inspiration for how to act, and to not let them down. Everyone is motivated in different ways. Whenever your team lacks motivation, the results will not be up to the mark. Give them a direction, help them with work management, and keep your trust intact.

Make the most of ProofHub’s work management system. 

3. Keep an Open Door

The concept of open-door policy is to encourage openness and transparency with the employees of that company. It is a great way to instill productivity out of employees. This simply means allowing employees to walk into the boss’s office without worrying about the response. They can freely take advice or feedback. It will bring satisfaction in their job and they will get what they need - realizing their full potential. 

4. Putting Trust in Your Employees

It’s difficult to give your employees autonomy if you don’t trust them. You’ve hired them because of certain reasons; so keep the trust in them. Trust that your employees will do what you expect them to do when you hired them; instead will do more.

5. Build a Strong Team Ethos

It is truly said - no man is an island. It is important to grow a strong team around to bring the best of your employees. When you make sure your employees are a part of a strong team it will help individuals reach their fullest potential. 

6. Provide a Path for Your Employees 

Employees are your company’s most important asset. They will want to know what opportunities they will have to grow personally and professionally. Giving them a room to grow will nurture, engage, and retain them. Your employees will appreciate the direction. 

If a leader doesn’t show interest in the employee’s growth, this may be an early warning sign that they are the wrong leader. What’s your say? 

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  • David Kruckeberg

    Empowered employees often make the right decisions

  • Martin Stott

    Lead by example and don't be too harsh with your staff

  • Jason Frazer

    People don't leave companies, they leave their managers

  • Chris Hedley

    Your employees are transforming the way you do business

  • Anna Louise

    Culture is everything !!!!

  • Liam Jest

    Good article

  • Hamza El Mountacir

    Listen your employees, don't judge them

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