The Ostrich Strategy

The Ostrich Strategy

Huiwen Wu 10/01/2019 7

The Secret on how to lead a mediocre life: The Ostrich Strategy.

Take a look around, if there is no one in the room whom you aspire to become in 10 years, keep doing whatever you are doing and looking forward to the weekend (or your next vacation).


Something I learned from my teacher:

You’d better have some ego and do something in your life, rather than having no ego and do nothing at all.

It is not about getting rid of your ego, but about how to take control of it instead of being controlled by.


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terms and condition.
  • James Wilson

    Comfort is your worst enemy

  • Richard Hart

    The problem is, the school system actually destroys this part of the mind for many people. We're taught for years on end, to stop, think, analyze, ruminate... but it turns out we have intuition and gut impulses that can allow us to be spontaneous and confident in what we do... and not always see our failures in the form of an F or 40%. We're taught to work our butts off, then take long breaks. We're taught to follow a routine and do things that don't interest us for hours and hours to make some number. So when it's all done and we're in the real world, many of us simply don't know HOW to go about even framing our mind for this way of thinking. You're lucky if you had great parents, teachers or friends that fostered this part of you, and to people like this, it's easy. It's as simple as just doing it, and they don't understand why people procrastinate or have analysis paralysis.

  • Phil Gaskin

    I used to be a very creative and spontaneous child, and by the end of uni, I was just another robot. It has taken me years to even realize what happened to me, and now I'm a few years deep into trying to find my natural human side again.

  • Eirik Skreden

    Mindfulness meditation is so crucial for many of us.

  • Jake Morris

    You can't be happy or operate in the "now" if you're constantly future tripping or thinking about your past.

  • Adam White

    Learn to live in the present, and learn to calm your mind so that the natural river of thought can flow without obstructions caused by everyday mundane tasks or negative thoughts. That's how you'll find out what you really want, and what to do to get it.

  • Ryan Goulding

    Social media and pornography are killers. Bad diets, lack of exercise, and lack of PLAY are killers. Many people don't even realize how important it is to to PLAY. Play catch, play at a gym, play with friends. When we think of the road to accomplish something major, we think that ALL that time we'll have to be working and it's daunting. Because that's what it was like in school. But in reality, if you learn to work a bit, then play a bit, you can continue on the road to your goals with a freer mind.

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