The Secret of Judging

The Secret of Judging

Huiwen Wu 11/12/2018 6
Oftentimes when we say that we are judging someone, we think that we are doing something wrong. 
But we need to judge. 
Every sentence is a judgment. Inevitable, we are judging every second in our lives.
The question is - how to do the right judgment. 
The Sages reveal the secret: remove the space.
Remove the space that is between you and the light. 
When someone is doing something that seems unfair, unjust, you get very angry, upset, confused, and you are suffering from it.
Most of the suffering, is because you are trying to fight against it. 
Accept it.
Then, when you are in a good place, you have your common sense, you are connected with your Source, now you can go ahead and judge.
A good judge needs to hear from both sides - the persecution side and the defense side. 
But when you feel hurt, you hear only one side. 
You need to be in the middle before making a judgment. 
When you have the power to get to that place, then, whatever you do, you're doing it from the right place.
And you will be sure, you will be strong - strong from your soul, your core. 
You will know the answers. 
We all know the answers.
Because now, the Divine is within.

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  • Christie Bennett

    This is more like how to be more human.

  • Amber Goossens

    No wonder why I have problems to judge people because I am biased in reading people.

  • Luke Evans

    So thoughtful !!

  • Shane McPherson

    I think emotions and circumstances do affect how we judge people

  • Jesse Osborn

    Nice topic that deserves more coverage.

  • Luke Heffernan

    Well stated, I love it !!!!!

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