The Shift Towards Experiential Gifting: Why It's Here to Stay

The Shift Towards Experiential Gifting: Why It's Here to Stay

Mihir Gadhvi 19/06/2024
The Shift Towards Experiential Gifting: Why It's Here to Stay

Traditional gifts are losing their touch.

The whole gimmick’s getting old. It’s getting boring. So, people are looking for new ideas. A different approach to gift-giving. We have abandoned the era of collecting material goods. People don’t think things to own is a proof of love anymore. It’s a new period of life. One that acknowledges more stuff doesn’t equal more happiness. People are searching for ways to share happiness and create memories and experiences. That’s why more and more people explore the concept of experiential gifts. 

Demand equals supply. So, there are tons of online websites to help people with these gifting options. You’ll find dozens of unique experienced gifts to choose from.

Why Experiential Gifting?


Creates Memories

Experience creates memories. Folks remember moments longer than any material thing they will ever get. They get a story to tell and a memory to keep. It makes them more happy. At the end of the day, that’s the whole point.

Forms Emotional Connections

Experiential gifts connect people emotionally. Sharing experiences with someone forms deeper bonds. We create shared memories that make our relationship even stronger, true value in an overly individual world.

Self-Improvement and Growth

Not all experiences are only about a moment they can be about improvement too. Really want to make someone happy? Give them an experiential gift. Something that’ll actually help them grow. How about a surf class or a wine appreciation workshop? You’ll never know you can be the one gifting them their new hobby. 

What are the Pros of Experiential Gifts?


Less Clutter

Minimalism is life. If it does not spark joy, toss it. We want to be able to live with as little items as possible. Experiential gifts can help with that. We own less stuff. Hence, less clutter. Plus, a lot of individuals appreciate the fact. It’s the thought that counts. 

An Eco-friendly Approach

We humans destroying the environment. You contributed to it too. Want to make a change? Begin by choosing a gift with substance but without the physical form. Support experiences. Be a part of replacing and reducing the ever-increasing consumption culture.

Choosing the Perfect Experiential Gift


Make Sure It’s Something They’ll Enjoy

First, figure out whether or not the experience you’re going to be giving is a worthwhile choice. Mentally assess them. What are their interests? What do they do for fun? Do they have a passion for something they are never able to indulge in? Do they have a bucket list at all? 

You can give the gift of experience from the heart! But, make sure they want it!

Plan in Advance

Not all gifts of experience are going to need a little bit of prep time, but some will. Figure out your game plan. Make reservations (if any), decide on an itinerary, preplan transportation, etc. Don’t spring the experience on the other person. Let them know beforehand. They may need to make some preparations for their big trip. This way they aren’t caught off guard and can enjoy their time without any bumps in the road.

Add Your Personal Touch

Put a little effort into it. Make sure you can make it as personalized as possible to make it truly exquisite. How about writing a letter in a frame as to why you are giving the kind of experience you are? Give them an accessory to represent the acknowledgment. Say for instance you got someone a cool little ticket to a trip; why not include a bookmark guide and set of luggage tags to represent the new trip they have ahead of them?


What we are experiencing as a new trend isn’t temporary. It is an evolution of our identity and expression. The only thing we need is to express ourselves with experiences. These days when we have more possessions than the time and occasions we value, experiences are the only possession worth holding. Choose to make your next gift an experience that will be remembered through the ages.

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