Why Video Distribution Is So Important For Modern Media Companies

Why Video Distribution Is So Important For Modern Media Companies

Daniel Hall 23/03/2022
Why Video Distribution Is So Important For Modern Media Companies

If you scroll through news feeds on social media, what catches your eye?

You’ll likely be more drawn to the posts that contain video or images, rather than those with massive chunks of text. With advances in video technology and 24/7 news, there has never been a more important time for modern media companies to perfect and streamline video content. But why exactly is video distribution so important for modern media brands? 

1. It Provides a Voice To Your Brand

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Videos are an effective way to personalise a brand and give it a voice. It should therefore come as no surprise why video distribution is so important for media companies.  ‘Behind the scenes’ style videos, which reveal how an organisation functions and introduces its key people, are particularly effective at humanising a firm, regardless of the type of business. Think about it – if a firm only posts business-focussed video content, it will not only make the company seem faceless and impersonal, viewers will get bored and switch off. It’s therefore important that modern media companies deliver video content that’s not only interesting and diverse but speaks to viewers on a personal level by adding a human interest angle. 

2. Convenient to Use

Modern media companies have better resources at hand enabling them to create professional quality video content. For instance, most smartphones are capable of decent quality footage, whilst OTT platforms are easily accessible and will significantly improve live streaming quality and viewer experience. It’s therefore crucial that media companies, in the modern world, get on board the online video revolution and use it to their advantage if they want to keep up with their competitors. 

3. Stay Up To Date With The Latest Trends

Delivering video content in real-time enables modern media companies to stay up-to-date, and therefore makes them more trustworthy and reputable to viewers. By continually distributing videos such as breaking news reports or footage exploring trending topics, media firms can attract new viewers and potentially retain them. Anything that boosts a brand’s reputation and credibility is going to encourage consumers to return to that brand. Therefore, if a media company gains a reputation for being the first with breaking news, then people are more likely to refer to that brand for their news fix in future. 

4. Increased Engagement

Engagement with customers is always a good sales boost, regardless of the business. It stands to reason therefore that video distribution is an effective way for modern media companies to encourage interaction and engagement with viewers. Videos that feature a call to action, ask questions, or contain trending or viral topics can help to encourage discussion among viewers. This is particularly apparent when media companies use social media platforms, where viewers might comment, like, or share the video content from a media company. 

5. Reaching a Wider Audience

The typical social media user isn’t going to spend time reading through screeds of heavy text. It therefore makes sense why modern media companies would want to use video distribution to attract audiences. Videos are a great way for media firms to convey information in a concise and eye-catching way that’s easy for viewers to consume. Information can easily be condensed into easy to digest chunks that’ll keep viewers interested and less likely to scroll past. 

6. Easy to Analyse 

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In terms of assessing performance, videos are easy to analyse. Analysing video metrics is an important part of devising a strong marketing strategy. Therefore, monitoring a video’s progress can help media companies identify what works for them. Media companies can use analytic features to see how their videos are performing and can then adapt their marketing strategy accordingly. Site metrics that firms will want to keep a track of include number of clicks, reach, engagement, video starts, average viewing times, and number of viewers. 


With its effectiveness at attracting audiences, boosting credibility, and giving a brand a voice, it’s clear to see why video distribution is so important for modern media companies.

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