Why You Need A Content Marketing Expert?

Why You Need A Content Marketing Expert?

Why You Need A Content Marketing Expert?

Successful brand-building doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

It’s only a matter of time before your marketing department will have to navigate talent acquisition to work with specialized services and skills.

As your brand marketing strategy evolves, you may discover you need help from outside marketing experts.

It’s vital to exhaustively understand your customers’ pain points.

Target content to specific buyer personas and stages of the customer journey.

Account for SEO and other optimizations that support content success.

Align content strategy with larger business goals.

Create consistent messaging across different pieces of content targeted to the same personas and pain points.

A strong content marketing program maximizes the efficiency of its content production, including how assets are managed and repurposed across multiple content channels and, crucially, it’s built to support continued experimentation and optimization over time: Skyword research shows that 85 percent of top-performing content marketing programs routinely adjust their content mix to adapt to changing business needs.

A content marketing partner, along with specialized freelance content creators, can accelerate this testing phase, infusing your content strategy with the expertise you need to hit the ground running with fresh, promising content types.

An experienced content marketing partner can help develop content creation workflows optimized for speed and responsiveness, enabling your brand to capitalize on emerging news and events to increase audience engagement and deliver more value to your followers.

Skyword research shows that 79% of top-performing content programs are more likely to choose content topics based on current events.

When your content production workflows are long and unorganized, the time you spend waiting for content to go from idea to published piece can cause you to miss out on potential sales and marketing opportunities as well as degrade your existing customer experience.

Whether these insights come from interviews, supplemental research, the content creator’s own expertise, or a combination of these sources, an outside creator can help you leverage SME knowledge in your content.

Freelance content professionals can alleviate this strain on your department resources, providing additional support to scale up your content production and fill the specific holes your team needs to deliver better business outcomes.

With diverse creators behind your content, you’ll also have an easier time experimenting and iterating to discover new, more effective content strategies to optimize your marketing performance over time.

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