Yes please

Yes please

Huiwen Wu 17/12/2018 9

Please read, share and let us remember…that just because we don’t talk about something, choose to hide from it or by fear choose to ban it which may challenge other’s from addressing the subject, the subject of focus does not disappear.

By doing this we are creating more harm and eventually destructive behaviors.

If you think having sex or sexuality is dirty and evil, guess what, none of us would exist if our parents did not engage in such an act. Our divine existence happened through the beautiful act of our parents having sex. Yes sex

Sex is a divine merging and natural part of existence. However, when we built a world that blocks appropriate education, emotional skill building and empathy development, things get jumbled in a whirlwind of confused emotions.

The challenge at hand is that when people don’t know what to do, fear arises. Fear leads to extreme measures out of confusion. By softening our approach, it allows us to still address the issue and educate on the subject at hand.

A simple practice.....One smal step....

I invite you to be still, feel your feelings, observe your breath for 3 to 5 minutes a day and take small steps to creating safety to feel again. Just stop and be with you. Stop running and avoiding.

So just a reminder to change our relationship to sexuality. We must provide safe environments with compassionate education, presence and love.

Thank you for stepping into the unknown with such bravery, courage and vulnerability.


Tziporah Kingsbury


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terms and condition.
  • Sam Moore

    That's one of the many problems with the human race; either they have no idea how to focus on themselves, or they focus too much on themselves.

  • John Baxter

    I'm so tired of how taboo sex is...especially in 2018! It's ridiculous.

  • Winnie Hughes

    Keep on trying to get rid of that negative stigma !

  • Ruben Medeiros

    I think the way people are raised, has a serious effect on how they view the world. Some people can't think beyond their own little worlds, so they continue to think a certain way.

  • Nick Brook

    What's the point of it being a taboo? It only makes things worst.

  • Piotr Żyłkowski

    Love your openness and directness.

  • Amy Stevens

    I think some people can have higher desires and some have lower, and some have zero! I find the tension between those who want it a lot and don't have issues with it versus those who have a lower sex drive to be challenging for me because it brings up questions and expectations of "what is the right amount" what is healhty" and what is necessary for a successful relationship?" It's super interesting to work through this and consider whether its because of the culture or upbringing or because genuinley I want it less.

  • Morten Petersen

    Such an important topic !!!!

  • Charlotte Ward

    Thank you so much for speaking on this! I know this is a touchy subject.....

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