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Batman Found His Riddler, Sherlock His Moriarity, India Its Pakistan and Kohli Lost his Captaincy

“If you are proud of the fact that we have won 11-0 against Pakistan, the reality is also that we will lose some or the other day – whether we lose today, or in 10 years or 50, but it will happen. You can't always keep winning.”- MS Dhoni

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Dead Men Do Tell Tales

I found the words of Dr. William R. Maples, Ph.D., in describing suicide victims to be poignant.

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Will the Cosmetic Surgery Boom Continue in 2022?

When the pandemic began, many businesses saw uncertainty, including those in the medical field, when many hospitals and surgery centres prohibited elective procedures.

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The Beginner's Guide to Creating the Perfect Founding Team

The founding team includes the founder and a few other co-founders with complementary skills to the founder. 

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Design is How it Works, Not How it Looks

There are many parts to innovation, especially to healthcare innovation.

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What are Your Unlearning Goals for 2022?

Do you want to add real value to your team – your company – your profession?

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Strictly For English Grammar Nerds

Grammar nerds enjoy thinking about the rules of language and how grammar affects meaning. 

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How To Make Your Workplace More Accessible

As the world continues to strive for inclusivity, each employer holds the responsibility of making workplaces more accessible to the many different needs that their workforce may have.