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4 years

It's Okay to Leave Work on Time as Often as We Can

You have a life to live too! You get paid to run your life, but it’s definitely not your life after all. Driving by my office building at around 8 p.m, I see people still sitting at their desks, stretching on their hours, and struggling with their to-do lists. Do they really have too much to do at work or they sit at their desks in the guilt of leaving office on time? Do not get me wrong.

4 years

Trust No One in Business

One of the tenets I teach to top EAs in my classes is to trust no one in business. I've literally watched business etiquette erode for the past 26 years as a top Executive Assistant and 32 total years working for the man. Business deals used to be sealed with a handshake and the offering of one's word as collateral. Now, people actually have a strategy of saying one thing to pull you in, then switching it up last minute to shake more coins from your pockets, knowing that you've already dismissed their competitors and are solely beholden to them. That's the new norm. And personally, I find it disgusting and classless.

4 years

How Technology is Impacting Communications Plans: Learnings from the Warc Media Awards

There is no doubt that technology is changing the world of communications. And hundreds of blogs and opinion pieces will tell you about the latest trends and what we are going to see in the future. But they can often be theoretical; talk of what might happen is often very different from what actually happens.

4 years

Metacognition Knowing what you Know Improvement Method

The foundation of metacognition is knowing what you know and what you don’t know. This is based on a feeling. When you know (or think that you know) that you know something, there is a feeling of certainty. My students and I looked into this a few years ago. Our measurements showed us that first-year university students were able to ascertain whether or not they knew something was at a chance rate. After a few weeks (six) we were able to teach them to recognize that feeling with a greater degree of certainty.

4 years

Raise Your Brand Awareness to Rise Above the Competitors

The success of a business largely depends upon the way it is able to tackle competition and rise above it. Perhaps you are running a bakery shop. Or, maybe a soap manufacturing business. Or, perhaps an IT company. There are hundreds of others who are part of the same niche within your region.

4 years

8 Rules to Dramatically Change Your Life for Better

Most people are continually travelling the road of unhappiness. They are always looking for ways to get rid of problems in life.

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