Sofia Achour Society Guru

Sofia is a Lecturer and Keynote Speaker at the University Jean Jaurès. She has an unmatched ability to invigorate ideas while remaining true to her core objectives. In her teaching career, she recognises the importance of building strong ties with her students, adding value and continuous improvement. Sofia is completing a PhD in communication and information studies in the University of Montpellier.


Greenwashing & Environmental Protection

Our world is facing serious environmental problems that keep piling up. While some of the problems might be alike due to their global nature, such as the depletion of the ozone layer and global warming, others are local ones. The need to spread environmental awareness is important because our life could be threatened one day.

  • 28/10/2017
  • 6

Be the Light in this Dark World

As the sun rises, nightingales begin to sing the joy of light with their beautiful melody. As the day ends, the very same birds fly back into the darkness of the night. Unfortunately, the darkness of our lives is often transformed by the delusion of light. Our biggest fear in life is failure because our dreams are miles away from our reach. Doubt, fear and darkness are our biggest enemy. Meanwhile, hope, dreams and light are our last resort to escape from negative vibes.

  • 03/10/2017
  • 8