Swati Agarwal Social Development Expert

Swati is the General Manager of Social Venture Partners (SVP) Hyderaad, where she builds powerful partnerships with non-profit organisations to tackle India's most pressing social challenges. SVP is the world's largest network of engaged philanthropists, with over 3,200+ investor-donors across more than 40 cities worldwide. Swati is a Teach For India Fellow - she has taught 100 girls for two years in a slum community in New Delhi. She has previously worked with Hedge Funds for four years as a consultant in New Delhi and New York. Swati holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology.


30 and Thriving - Age is Just a Number

I recently had the privilege to introduce a new digit in the ten's place of my age-number! I turned 30! It feels different to be turning 30- Three - Zero - Thirty.


Dear Networker - Are you Creating a Real Network?

I am addicted to LinkedIn. I come to this site ten times a day. Though, I am not happy about it, but I know, it's a thousand times better addiction than that of the "Facebook or Instagram". The good thing is the more I visit this platform, the more and more interesting people and stuff I meet and come across. My primary reason to come here is - people.


Why should I have an awesome relationship with my Boss? And if so, How?

Every relationship in this world exists for a purpose - for both parties A and B which are bound by that relationship. And for the relationship to thrive, it's important to define the purpose, and at different stages, redefine the very purpose.


Dear Recruiters - Stop Asking These Silly Interview Questions!

I find interviews as a great opportunity to learn a lot about myself. With recruiters asking endless questions about your strengths, weaknesses, passions, or skills required for the role etc, it becomes vital for you to dive deep into your personality and be ready to answer any questions that may come under your way to prove your mettle.


Differentiated Teaching Method for Children

The Delhi government has introduced a differentiated teaching method two years ago - something we at Teach For India have already been trying since forever.