5 Key Steps in the Enterprise Software Development Process

5 Key Steps in the Enterprise Software Development Process

Anas Bouargane 25/02/2020 4

What most companies who are undergoing the transition to the digital sphere are unaware of, is that having a personalized app for your company makes the business so much easier.

The goal of any enterprise software is to make your day to day business experience easier. As more companies begin to find themselves with a digital office, the complications of business begin to grow. While the software currently available can certainly make your life easier, having a personalized application for your company will focus on points that could be left unaddressed by a generic enterprise app. 

Once you've decided that you wish to pursue a personalized software, you'll need to begin searching for the right developer for your company. A company that specializes in software development enterprise should offer a personalized creation experience. This experience should include input from you and a showcase of the progress being made. You don't want a generic company that offers you a standard service. When you begin the shopping experience, there are a few factors you'll want to consider before you commit to a developer.

The Key Steps in the Process

The following are the key steps that every great developer should undergo when developing your software. These steps allow for the inclusion of your opinions and requests in the software and help you understand what exactly you're asking for. By going through each of these steps, your application will be well-equipped and prepared to take your company to the next level. Digitization of a business can be difficult, but with a personalized app, it doesn't have to be. 

1. Custom Enterprise Software Development

The personalization of the development plan takes into consideration the key points of your business. A proper software developer will consider your asking points and implement them in the application they're building for you. They will create scalable software that fits your business model as to not burden you with software that doesn't match your business. The final product they offer you will solve an issue your company is facing in a specific department. 

2. Software Integration

A modern enterprise consists of many different SaaS applications operating at once. Different departments will each host their own software that is specially designed to provide a fix to a current issue within. The existence of many different software programs running at once requires a way for them all to integrate. Having a fix to an existing issue is great, but if the fix leads to a lack of communication between departments, you're facing a different difficulty. Software integration allows programs to communicate with each other.

3. Legacy Application Modernization

Having existing applications that work to make your company better is fantastic, it simply means you won't need something to help clean up operations. However, when these older applications begin to show their age, you're facing a different problem. A quality software company can pinpoint these issues and address them, bringing your legacy applications into the modern world. That way, you won't need to reset and implement a brand-new program, you can simply update the existing ones with modern tools and fittings. 

4. Application Portfolio Consolidation

An issue faced by many enterprises that have experienced a merger or a compilation of multiple systems of enterprise applications is the mixing and matching of systems and software. When mergers happen, multiple different software programs are placed together which leads to confusion and complications. A software development company can come in and untangle that web of applications, offering you better organization and a fix to the new complexity of the network.

5. Working with the Latest Tech

Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and so much more are just a few examples of the latest tech. The business world is rapidly expanding as newer and shinier technology comes out to help increase profitability. If your business fails to keep up with the newest technology, you run the risk of falling behind in the industry. A great software company will do its best to keep your systems up to date and running as efficiently as possible. The purpose of these upgrades is to keep your business running smoothly and with the latest tech, your company will reach peak productivity. 

Enterprise Tech Developed For You

Having a software development company that works for you and creates a product that matches your specific requirements is possible. Once you have a personalized app that works for your company to assist in everyday business, you begin the process to becoming a fully functioning and productive enterprise. Large corporations like Guinness, NASA, Disney, and Nestle operate using an enterprise software developed specifically for them.

While generic applications for enterprise are fantastic and offer great benefits for the companies that use them, nothing is better than a personalized and custom app. Having an app that matches the requirements and standards set by your company allows you to address even the smallest details. General enterprise software will cover the basics and make you a more efficient company, but nothing compares to a personalized experience. 

A Beginning, Middle, and End

Having an experienced tech company at your side allows you to ensure that you're receiving the best final product you can have. If you're spending money on a personalized application for your business, you'll want an effective and efficient app that helps boost your business. With a quality software development company, the creation process will take three phases - a beginning, middle, and end. 

They'll start by analyzing your requirements and deciding what steps they'll need to take in order to make the product you're looking for. Then, they'll keep you updated as the process moves along, offering you a peek at the product every two weeks so you can give input and feedback. Finally, they'll work to keep your app updated even after they're done. The best teams will allocate a group of their employees to work and fix bugs in already created applications. If you're looking for a company to help create a lasting and working app for you, be sure to shop around for one that offers a dedicated and quality creation process.

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