How Big Data Can Drive Mobile Applications

How Big Data Can Drive Mobile Applications

Naveen Joshi 29/05/2020 5
How Big Data Can Drive Mobile Applications

Businesses and developers can leverage big data in mobile app development to understand end-users, develop marketing strategies, and generate more revenue.

According to a study, 63% of customers want personalized product recommendations. In today's world, where customers themselves prefer personalized product recommendations, big data helps in understanding them and creating those tailored products. These products, among other things, also include software like web-based applications. As a result, developers do not have to put in much of their own thoughts and creativity for developing a web-based application as they can process a huge amount of data to understand what customers need. And this understanding helps in faster web-based application development. Big data also facilitates better and accurate traffic analysis that further helps in developing strategies to improve applications. But now, mobile application adoption is growing. According to a survey, 204 billion apps were downloaded worldwide in 2019. And that doesn't come as a surprise because every web-based application available today can be easily converted to a mobile application. There are also several applications that are developed solely for mobile and do not exist as web-based applications. Mobile applications also provide additional benefits over web applications. For instance, mobile applications can track users' live location, fitness data if linked to a wearable, and provide real-time collaboration with them. Businesses can leverage big data in mobile app development to combine the benefits provided by each of them.

The Role of Big Data in Mobile App Development

Mobile app developers can use big data for understanding end-users and creating marketing strategies accordingly. They can also provide personalized recommendations to customers based on preferences, demographics, and locations.

The Role of Big Data in Mobile App Development

Marketing Products

Mobile applications allow businesses to pitch in their products through push or email notifications. But, they cannot send notifications for any random products. Real-time big data access will help businesses to understand what products to pitch in through push notifications at the right time. Big data also provides opportunities for businesses to understand customers' needs and offer tailored products. It also helps to create marketing strategies about what kind of email notifications to send to users.

Understanding End-Users

With the availability of big data about preferences, demographics, and locations of end-users, developers can understand their needs. Big data also fuels developing user experience analytics. And based on the experience analytics, developers can create app updates to enhance the user interface. Changing the user interface based on experience analytics enhances user engagement.

Improving Decision-Making

As the saying goes, that, "smart decisions are made between choosing what you want now and what you want in the future." And big data is a culmination of business intelligence and predictive analytics. Big data and IoT devices (smartphones) can together provide access to real-time data for predictive analytics that can help to make and improve strategic decision-making.

Big data is an inevitable part of today’s life, where providing tailored products has become an essential key to business growth. Business giants are already using big data in mobile app development and engagement with users. For instance, Uber is using big data for its mobile application to connect users with drivers in their location and calculate pricing based on travel distance. Amazon as well utilizes big data to know what items a client has purchased before, and provide recommendations of similar and relevant products.

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  • Kevin Grimm

    Mobile apps have definitely enhanced the way people all across the world use their smartphones.

  • Susan Whitmarsh

    Running an entire business through a smartphone is nothing like running a traditional one.

  • Rob Smith

    There is an increased dependence on mobile applications to perform the tasks of the day.

  • Lauren McCabe

    Big data analytics brings enhanced efficiency to mobile application development

  • Andrew Graham


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