How to Use No Crop App for WhatsApp

How to Use No Crop App for WhatsApp

Mihir Gadhvi 27/08/2019 8

WhatsApp is the most widely used app all over the world. Ever since WhatsApp has introduced us with its story feature, it has become favorite for all the users. Most of the Whatsapp users publish their stories on a daily basis. But, a lot of users complain about the automatic cropping of the photos which ultimately ruin their photos. There are indeed various apps available out there that will help you deal with this cropping problem. In this article, we will mainly discuss "UnClip(No Crop & Square for Instagram)" application for Whatsapp and Instagram as it is one of the best and simple apps that can be used for No Crop Photo editing.

No Crop & Square for Instagram - UnClip

Unclip App is the best 'no crop' photo editor app that can be used for WhatsApp. This app can help you post your entire photo without cropping it. You just have to follow these simple steps to no crop your photos.

  1. Go to google play store and download it for free.
  2. Open UnClip – No Crop & Square for Instagram and select the Gallery icon on the right side or you can simply capture a photo by tapping on the Camera icon.
  3. Over there you can select the picture of which you want no cropping.
  4. You can also make changes in the background style, the angle of the pic, resize for Whatsapp.
  5. You can also save and share your photos on any social media platform.

Main Features:

  1. No Crop any picture shape
  2. Pick a color from the image using a dropper tool
  3. Add blur backgrounds to your pictures
  4. Share photos directly on any social media platform.

Download Unclip

There are various other apps available that will help you to do the same, they are:

Square InPic – Photo Editor & Collage Maker

Square InPic is an amazing Photo Editing and Collage making app that provides some interesting filters, backgrounds, and emojis. With Square InPic, you can create high-quality photos and can also make use of stickers, backgrounds, and texts.

Main Features: 

  1. No Crop feature
  2. Add filters and text to your photos
  3. Blurred background
  4. Photo Grid maker

Download Square InPic 

Square Quick Pro- Photo Editor, No Crop, Collage

Square Quick Pro is a popular Photo editor & Collage maker app where you can create high-quality pictures & collage photo grids for Whatsapp and Instagram. With the help of this app, you can also create instasize square picture by using no crop filter.

Main Features:

  1. No crop photo for social media
  2. Snap color text on your image
  3. Sharpen and blur
  4. Collage maker

Download Square Quick Pro

So, these were some no crop apps for WhatsApp that will help you to enhance the quality of your picture. Feel free to comment down below if you have any doubt regarding the above-mentioned applications.

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  • Cory Bannister

    Some of these apps are not user friendly

  • mihir gadhvi

    In reply to: Cory Bannister

    Unclip - No crop app is User friendly

  • Elliot Campbell

    If only WhatsApp can allow us to use full pictures without cropping them

  • mihir gadhvi

    In reply to: Elliot Campbell

    didnt get your point

  • Stephen Garrard

    Even Twitter and Facebook have the same issue

  • mihir gadhvi

    In reply to: Stephen Garrard

    YES right

  • Justin Vann

    Not sure if this will work but I will give it a try

  • mihir gadhvi

    In reply to: Justin Vann

    It will work now

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