Information Management and the Associated Challenges

Information Management and the Associated Challenges

Naveen Joshi 05/03/2018 1

Managing the information stored in your system can be tedious. Information management is crucial because of several reasons; it can make or break a task.

Information management is the process in which the data stored on a system has to be updated and time and again, to maintain its authenticity. It also deals with storing the correct data and allowing users to retrieve it. Information management is considered important to maintain the relevance of data. However, just like its benefits, information management has its own set of challenges as well.

Improper Gathering of Information

Organizational data is at times difficult to process, and even more difficult to read. If there is no schema being followed, all you gather is data, not information.

Time Stamping in Information Management

Timestamps helps keep record of which event happened when. Major decisions are taken based on these timestamps. However, these timestamps are not always accurate and can mislead.

Recording Tasks in Information Management

As a task consists of several teams and those teams further involve many people. During this phase, the data that is being recorded on the system is coming from multiple sources. A mistake in storing these sets of data in a uniform manner can lead to improper data storage.

Records Being Accessed

As the data is being stored in a rather improper manner, the data that will be accessed cannot be trusted. Besides, this data can be difficult to find and access.

Immediate Querying in Information Management

During a crisis, immediate situational awareness is of utmost importance. Empowering immediate querying, as when an emergency manager arises can enhance such awareness.

Information management, despite having its benefits, has its own set of drawbacks and challenges. Such challenges can be addressed with the help of technologies to overcome the barriers of information management. Proper technology for every challenge will only help enhance the opportunities that are available to the companies.

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