Innovating Generative AI for Enterprise Agility: A Conversation with Arijit Sengupta

Innovating Generative AI for Enterprise Agility: A Conversation with Arijit Sengupta

Helen Yu 09/07/2024
Innovating Generative AI for Enterprise Agility: A Conversation with Arijit Sengupta

Generative AI is set to revolutionize the way businesses operate, offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation and efficiency.

By understanding and leveraging this technology, enterprises can significantly enhance their agility and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market. Generative AI enhances enterprise agility by automating and optimizing complex processes, thus allowing businesses to respond faster to market changes. 

Welcome to the latest edition of CXO Spice, where thought leaders share their point of view on innovation and discuss how to make it happen in real-world. With Intel Corporation’s sponsorship, I was delighted to host Arijit Sengupta, Founder and CEO of Aible.  We explored Generative AI innovation and its impact on Enterprise Agility.

The Journey of Aible

Arijit Sengupta opens up about his journey, tracing back to Stanford University and his entrepreneurial ventures, including Beyond Core, which evolved into Salesforce Einstein Discovery. Arijit emphasizes Aible's mission: empowering individuals by granting them the capability to harness AI as a superpower rather than a replacement.

Intel Partnership: Revolutionizing AI in Enterprises

The conversation shifts to Able's pivotal partnership with Intel.  It focuses on enabling enterprise clients to transition AI initiatives from pilot phases to scalable, cost-effective production in the cloud. The spotlight is on Aible's serverless-first approach which leverages Intel processors across various cloud environments (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure) to optimize AI workflows from data ingestion to deployment.

Achieving Business Impact in 30 Days

A standout initiative discussed is Aible's "Impact from AI in 30 Days" program, co-created with Intel AI. This program showcases Aible's capability to deliver rapid, measurable business results, often within days of deployment. Arijit highlights instances where organizations saw significant value in record time. This underscores the agility and efficiency of their AI solutions.

Benchmarking with Intel: Enhancing Performance and Efficiency

Arijit details the critical role of benchmarking with multiple generations of Intel Xeon processors in optimizing Aible's AI capabilities. This collaboration not only enhances performance but also drives down the total cost of ownership (TCO) for AI applications by up to 55 times. He elaborates on Intel's contributions in software and hardware optimization, critical for streamlining AI workflows.

Future Directions: Democratizing AI and Infrastructure Efficiency

Looking ahead, Arijit discusses the dynamic nature of the AI landscape and the ongoing efforts of the Intel-Aible partnership to democratize AI. By continuously refining AI workflows and infrastructure efficiencies, they aim to empower organizations with the agility needed to adapt swiftly and strategically in an ever-changing business environment.

Closing Remarks

The interview concludes with Arijit expressing gratitude to Intel for their collaborative efforts and reaffirming Aible's commitment to driving impactful AI solutions that transform businesses. Stay tuned for more insights and innovations from CXO Spice as we continue to explore the intersection of technology, innovation, and enterprise agility.

Watch the CXO Spice interview here.

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