Most Popular Data Migration Tools

Most Popular Data Migration Tools

Daniel Hall 16/09/2021
Most Popular Data Migration Tools

Data migration, as the name implies, is the process through which data is moved between different systems, formats or computing environments.

These transmission mechanisms may be in the form of data storage types or file formats, respectively. A specific mapping pattern is used to move data from an old system to a new system in a structured manner.

Mapping patterns include designs for data extraction and data loading operations, as well as plans for data transformation activities. 

Popular Data Migration Tools  

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1. IRI NextForm 

In addition to being offered in various versions as a stand-alone data and database migration tool, IRI NextForm may also be found as an integrated feature inside the broader IRI Voracity data management and ETL platform.

Here are the main characteristics: 

  • IRI Workbench, a familiar and free Eclipse IDE for job creation, deployment, and administration, allows you to reach, profile, and transfer data visually in a single environment.
  • Close to 200 historical and contemporary data sources and targets are supported by default, with the option to support more sources and targets via custom I/O processes or API calls.
  • Data transfer is accomplished via the use of common drivers such as ODBC, MQTT, and Kafka, and the system supports local, cloud, and HDFS file systems.

2. Xplenty  

Xplenty is a data integration platform that operates in the cloud. It is a comprehensive toolset for the development of data pipelines. It offers solutions for marketing, sales, customer service, and software development teams. These solutions are accessible to businesses in the retail, hotel, and advertising sectors. Xplenty is a platform that is both elastic and scalable.

Here are the most important characteristics: 

  • Xplenty has tools that make migrations simple. It will assist you with your migration to the cloud.
  • It is possible to connect to older systems with the help of Xplenty's capabilities.

3. Dropbox 

Dropbox provides affordable pricing options starting at $8.25 per 1TB of data storage, which is a significant saving compared to many other cloud storage providers. Many other cloud storage customers choose to transfer their cloud data to Dropbox rather than to another cloud storage service.

The majority of new Dropbox migration customers will need to transfer data from their local storage or from other cloud storage providers to Dropbox. Using CloudFuze's easy drag-and-drop features, it is the most convenient way to transfer files from any other service provider to Dropbox. CloudFuze allows you to transfer files across cloud service providers as if they were local files on your computer. Users may transfer data from other cloud storage services to Dropbox while keeping the same root folder structure.

4. Configero Data Loader 

Configero's Data Loader for Salesforce is a data loader application that is accessible through the web. Inserting, updating, and removing Salesforce data are all made easier with this tool. It features much better error handling since mistakes are now shown in the grid, allowing for direct editing of errors in the grid. 

Here are the main characteristics: 

  • Support for external IDs, as well as the ability to store field mappings.
  • It has built-in error management as well as rudimentary support for bulk editing operations.
  • Users may make final changes to their data before it is loaded into the database thanks to the powerful multi-column filtering.

5. Apex Data Loader  

The Apex Data Loader is a tool developed by Salesforce. It is a java-based programme that can execute bulk insert, update, and delete instructions on all of the data objects in a single transaction. Users may create queries to retrieve data from Apex Web Services (SOAP) API using the Apex Web Services (SOAP) API. 

Here are the main characteristics: 

  • Data Loader is a graphical application that is simple to use and assists users in loading their data into Salesforce objects and objects.
  • A wizard-based interface makes it simple to work with huge files containing hundreds of thousands or even millions of rows.
  • Provides support for both local and custom objects in a single package.

6. Data Migrator 

Extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) operations (extract, transform, and load) are made easier using Data-migrator, another great and powerful automated programme. It is a product of the company known as Information Builders. 

Here are the main characteristics:

  • In addition to being capable of dealing with data from various platforms, it is the most versatile tool available.
  • In-depth knowledge of the development and growth of data warehouses, operational data stores, and data marts.
  • Allows for quick and complete end-to-end heterogeneous data movement, resulting in seamless integration.
  • In addition, it has a fantastic function that allows for the administration of ETL operations in a secure environment. Administrators can quickly monitor and analyse job statistics, job logs, job queues, and start and schedule jobs. They can also easily start and schedule jobs. 
  • It guarantees that migration operations are efficiently reviewed and administered from a distance.

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