Most Popular Online Casino Bonuses Type In 2021

Most Popular Online Casino Bonuses Type In 2021

Anas Bouargane 13/01/2021 1
Most Popular Online Casino Bonuses Type In 2021

Online casinos constantly offer all kinds of offers and advantages for people who want to play on their pages.

That is why we want to bring your attention to casino bonuses, as this is an excellent way to be able to play more and, at the same time, win money that you did not expect in the process.

There are hundreds of online game pages that offer you very diverse modalities of the most popular games with unbeatable graphics and many attractive offers. With such a wide offer, some online casinos want to give you an extra incentive to convince you to create an account with them.

We are talking about the welcome bonuses. If you can't decide on an online casino and would like to know how to get the most out of a bonus to choose once and for all, read on.

What are Welcome Bonuses?

First thing's first. What is a welcome bonus? Bonuses are a real money contribution that an online casinos like, 888 casino Philippines , give to new customers with the intention that they create an account and start playing without the need to contribute their own money in the beginning. The amount of the voucher varies greatly and will depend mainly on what the provider deems relevant. However, it is known that there are vouchers starting at € 50.

Once you've decided on an online casino, it's a matter of creating an account and following the instructions provided to receive your casino bonus. It is important to mention that the bonus that is granted to you will be reflected separately from your payment account, so you should not consider that this bonus can be withdrawn in cash to your bank account.

Most Popular Types of Casino Bonuses

You already know that not all online casinos offer bonuses to first-time account holders. A number of casinos that sell them, though, are somewhat distinct from each other. That is why you need to know the types of casino bonuses most offered on the most popular platforms worldwide. Once you know the different kinds of casino bonuses, you will realize which one suits you best or catches your attention.

Welcome bonus

This is the most typical modality within the rewards that online casinos offer to new users. It basically consists of a person creating their account, making their first deposit of money to start playing. As a bonus, they will receive an extra amount to bet. This amount generally corresponds to a percentage of the amount paid.

It can be a fixed percentage, or it can be awarded based on the amount paid. An example of this is: A person creates his account and adds $ 100 of credit, for which he will be rewarded 50% of what he deposited. If you had only deposited $ 50, then 25% would have been credited to you.

No deposit bonus

No deposit casino bonuses are another attractive but unusual, welcome bonus form given on online gaming pages. To make this promotion valid, the casino generally requests that the person provide an email and sometimes a telephone number to enter the database and achieve a subscription.

The bonuses no online deposit casinos are offered legitimately and allow the customer to use them without depositing some amount. But don't be fooled. These types of bonuses are also accompanied by certain clauses and conditions to be met to make your digital money valid. But we'll talk about the terms later.

Free spin

The free spin is generally offered as a complement to another type of welcome bonus, be it the classic one or the one that does not require a deposit. A free spin is surprisingly given to the new customer. It consists of a roulette machine or a digital slot for which the first spin -or first spin- is given to you. The result of this roulette or slot machine can provide you 100% redeemable prizes or usable bonuses to continue betting as you wish.

Pay attention to the Terms and Conditions

Some online casinos may have some flaws. Although the welcome bonuses offered by these platforms may sound very attractive, you should pay close attention to the fine print of the contracts. A bonus is an excellent incentive for you to finally decide to open an account with them and leave the competition behind.

However, bonuses are generally accompanied by dozens, sometimes hundreds, of terms and conditions designed to regulate how you use the bonus and invalidate it should you want to misuse it.


Rollover is one of the most common conditions when receiving a welcome bonus at any online casino. Rollover is - in simple terms - the number of times you will have to play casino games with your bonus money before you can access it.

A Rollover can be used in certain games or with a time limit (for example, 15 or 30 days). This type of condition is expressed by way of multiplication, that is, x10 bonus, x15 bonus or x20 bonus, for example. The Rollover size is directly proportional to the bonus; the more generous the bonus, the bigger the Rollover.

Time limit

Another period that is usually established for people who create an account to obtain their welcome bonus is the time limits. This means that your bonus can be used for a limited time. Generally, if the payout is expressed in your online casino account, the countdown starts.

Casino bonuses have a validity that varies from 10 to 30 calendar days. This condition is often raised so that users rush to use their bonus or, failing that, allow the condition to expire on its own.

Bet limit

The bet limit is very general clauses that can involve several things simultaneously. Hence, it is extremely important that you carefully read the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus you will receive. The betting limit can refer to the maximum amount of money you can bet on a single show or the number of casino games you can spend your welcome bonus on.

Likewise, there are certain online casino games in which it may not be possible for you to make use of your welcome bonus due to company policies. There are online casinos where you can only use your welcome bonus in the slot and roulette games. In contrast, in others, you are also allowed to use it in games like blackJack.

Tips to Take Advantage of Your Welcome Bonus

Now that you know the most common types of online casino bonuses, as well as the clauses that you must verify in the terms and conditions, let's get to the important thing. You can follow certain tips to learn how to take advantage of your welcome bonus and truly squeeze the benefits that the platform offers you.

First, we advise you to try your luck in several online casinos like Dafabet, 22bet, 888casino for examble, at the same time and do not settle for just one. Testing different platforms will allow you to compare and know who has the best service without the need to become a long-term gambler.

Before making your first deposit to receive a welcome bonus, be sure to choose the one that offers you the highest percentage possible, even for larger amounts. If you will eventually end up spending that $ 200 on the platform, why not do it at once and receive 100% in bonuses? Another tip that will be extremely useful to take advantage of your welcome bonus is that you use it in the slot machines, as they require little time and experience.

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