Top 5 Ways Mobile Apps Are Impacting Health And Fitness Industries

Top 5 Ways Mobile Apps Are Impacting Health And Fitness Industries

Atman Rathod 25/09/2020 6
Top 5 Ways Mobile Apps Are Impacting Health And Fitness Industries

Mobile apps have already penetrated every different space of life and they are continuing to make valuable additions to modern life in a variety of ways.

In the healthcare sector, the role of mobile apps has almost reached revolutionary proportions. Thanks to mobile apps multitude of healthcare practices and processes now have become easier and streamlined than ever before. 

In the past few years, we have seen an increasing demand for healthcare being handled more efficiently through healthcare apps and connected healthcare devices. Several mobile app development services are coming with innovative healthcare apps that can make patient care, patient monitoring, diagnosis, and medical data management better. In this context, it is important to understand how these apps are really influencing and transforming the entire healthcare sector. 

Here are 5 ways mobile apps are transforming the healthcare IT system industry and its practices.  

1. Making Healthcare More Affordable and Accessible 

Who can deny that affording a personal trainer at the gym or availing the most advanced facilities for a thorough health checkup at a multi-speciality clinic may take a havoc toll on your pocket? Yes, the healthcare and fitness industry made it harder for the common man to avail of the highest standard of care and training. 

But now the situation is turning around and thanks to mobile apps we have a level playing field of affordable and accessible healthcare for all. Instead of going for a personal fitness trainer and expensive health checkup, you can just take training through a fitness app and check your health metrics through a health app. It became a lot simple. 

Your expert fitness trainer is now literally at your fingertips and your nutrition expert is always aware of what you are eating and the calories you are consuming. It's your damn old smartphone screen that continues to give you alerts about calorie consumption or about your workout schedule or shows your own health stats. Thanks to mobile apps you have a doctor, fitness trainer, and nutrition expert right in your pocket and that too, with no extra cost and hassle of access except for paying a subscription.   

2. Engaging Patients for a Holistic Treatment 

In modern healthcare practices, patients can no longer just remain passive and submissive to the medical processes. Instead of remaining a passive ailing object lying on the bed they equally need to cooperate with the doctors and the caregivers to make the treatment take effect faster. This holistic approach that needs patient engagement as a crucial factor gets now the active assistance of mobile apps. Healthcare apps are playing a great role in engaging patients. 

There are several ailments and diseases that require patients to take a closer watch on the health conditions and various metrics. Earlier it is a vague impression of feeling well or unwell that made patients visit doctors or call experts for medical advice. Now thanks to healthcare apps they can just take notice of several aspects of their regular health including heart and pulse rate, blood glucose level, body mass index, perspiration, etc. All these aspects make a patient aware of the undergoing medical conditions that need to be checked. 

The treatment of chronic diseases that require more patient engagement for the treatment to take a faster effect on the health condition while curbing the symptoms, particularly find healthcare apps and health trackers very helpful. From notifying patients about taking medicines in time to guiding patients in health routines to make patients aware of certain symptoms that need to be checked by the professionals, healthcare apps and trackers help engaging patients in the process of treatment more effectively.  

3. Precision Driven Diagnosis 

Diagnosis is one of the critical aspects of successful medical treatment and hence it is given so much emphasis by the healthcare professionals. Thanks to mobile healthcare apps the diagnosis of diseases and health conditions ranging from the life-threatening ones such as cancer to the lifestyle health issues like diabetes, has become so easier. There is a multitude of healthcare apps that provide patients vital statistics about their health and detect irregularities and abnormalities faster than traditional testing and diagnostic procedures. 

Medical data thanks to these emerging and ever-growing healthcare apps and trackers are growing exponentially creating more opportunities for the healthcare facilities to apply sophisticated data analytics for the express purpose of detecting medical risks earlier. Though such apps and their streaming medical data still haven’t been subjected to a comprehensive healthcare industry protocol taking care of storage and analytics, in the years to come medical data can help to facilitate more intelligent prediction of medical conditions in patients. 

4. Connected and Streamlined Healthcare  

The entire healthcare sector works in a very dispersed manner covering multiple facilities, clinics, testing labs, outdoor patient care, medical supplies, pharmacies, etc. Bringing all of them within a single framework for smooth and streamlined communication and collaboration to ensure faster data transfer, supplies, and treatment processes still remains a distant dream for the healthcare strategists. 

Nevertheless, the healthcare experts and stalwarts of the industry around the world are increasingly favouring the idea of bringing all medical facilities and ancillaries within a single framework and value chain. Mobile apps are already showing a promise to become the launch pad of such connected healthcare management. 

Thanks to the connected healthcare management apps already rolled out by several medical establishments, managing inventories, and supply chains has become easier than ever before. The single mobile app holding together electronic medical records (EMR), the inventory management interface, patient care data, diagnostic facilities, and pharmacies, and medical supplies can do wonders in streamlining the entire healthcare process. Thanks to such connected healthcare apps and technologies like GEO-tagging tracking medical equipment and inventories will become easier than ever before.  

5. Unfolding Research and Development Opportunities 

Medical research and development of new drugs, vaccines, and treatment procedures have paramount importance in the entire healthcare sector and without them, the healthcare sector cannot meet the increasing medical challenges that keep unfolding through new viruses, pandemics, and the lifestyle disorders. Mobile healthcare apps are paving the way for more data-driven medical researches and studies that previously required rigorous sample testing of patients using a testing environment. 

Healthcare apps apart from all other advantages continue to supply a rich pool of medical data from people across racial profiles, ethnicities, genders, age groups, and different lifestyle attributes. This huge pool of medical data is increasingly paving the way for more data-driven medical researches in different fields.  


Mobile apps play a defining role in the healthcare and fitness industries. They will play an even bigger role thanks to virtual and augmented reality. Digital diagnostic, new treatments, and innovative medical research procedures are underway in years to come.

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