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27 days

How Blockchain Can Prevent Land Fraud

The decentralized ledger technology of blockchain in real estate can help to bring more secure land registry procedures and prevent land fraud.

1 month

8 Key Considerations When Buying a Laptop for College Students

College is about friends, careers, and expanding the boundaries of what you think you know. As you think about everything you need to buy to be successful in your education, a laptop probably sits at the top of the list. Everyone who starts a college course puts a laptop at the top of their must-have lists.

1 month

How Edge Computing is Different from Decentralized Computing?

Due to their similar names and the general unawareness of advanced computing, some people tend to think that decentralized computing and edge computing are similar. But, both types of computing are different and complementary to each other. When combined together as decentralized edge computing, they can perform tasks that cannot be achieved individually.

1 month

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Synthetic Biology

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in synthetic biology can help engineers create new methods to design genetic circuits that can vastly impact sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, and aid in environmental sustainability.

1 month

How Blockchain Can Transform The Way We Vote

Elections are a symbol of hope and freedom for people, but it is vulnerable to fraud. Blockchain for elections can play a significant role in providing a solution to election security vulnerabilities.

1 month

How Artificial Intelligence is Creating Jobs in Emerging Tech Markets

People are afraid of losing their jobs as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology is replacing humans with automated systems. However, the truth about the impact of AI in employment is that it is not just stealing jobs but also creating them.

1 month

What are “301 Redirects” and How to Redirect WordPress Posts and Pages?

Even if you are a true amateur when it comes to the world of website development and WordPress, chances are you’ve already run into one or two 404 pages. Needless to say, if you’re anything like me, you probably got all pissy and blacklisted the said website, right? No? Ok, I’ll be the only one that’s passive-aggressive here, whatever… Anyway, a messy 404 error can happen for several reasons, but it is very easy to solve. That being said, it should still be solved swiftly and, as my favorite ATL based rapper would say, “expeditiously”. (*fist-bumps TI) If left untended, these ugly little errors can create some huge problems, leading to the downfall of your website altogether. Scared yet?