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19 days

Tech Behind the Game: How Live Casinos Work?

Online trends show that there is a sustained interest in live casino games.

19 days

How Computer Vision Can Help in Building Augmented Reality Environments

The use of computer vision will help augmented reality (AR) devices to build a more accurate augmented environment by helping it to determine where to place virtual images in accordance with real space.

20 days

Understanding the Role of IoT in Cold Chain Logistics

The use of IoT in cold chain logistics can ensure that your long-distance food, perishable products, and medicines are delivered with assured freshness and quality.

21 days

Bitcoin’s Recent Rout Rattles Retail Investors

With many retail investors pouring into Bitcoin for their first time ever, the psychology of one of the most volatile markets in the world will play out again as it has countless times before.

21 days

Slack: The Perfect iPhone App for Remote Teams

Team messaging app Slack already had a strong fan base long before the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

24 days

The First Mile of the Internet of Things

The first mile of IoT is the starting point of enabling secure wireless communication which is necessary to create an interoperable ecosystem that ensures reliable data gathering.