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4 years

The Evolution of Internet of Things Devices

Gone are the days when the Internet of Things (IoT) devices communicated through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other cellular connectivity; today's IoT devices chirp to communicate.

4 years

Using Blockchain as a Platform for Consensus

Blockchain for consensus ensures that the network security of collected digital assets is not compromised.

4 years

Transforming Law Enforcement with the Internet of Things

Leveraging applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) in law enforcement empowers authorities to serve justice and reduce crime rates by providing them with smart devices to increase productivity.

4 years Vs, Which one is the Best for your Company?

WordPress is the most popular web publishing platform with around 75 million websites. Most blogs are using it as their content management system.

4 years

The Power of Propaganda with Analytics

In 1928, Edward L. Bernays wrote a book entitled "Propaganda", where he delved deeper into the complex relationship between the human psychology, democracy, and corporations.

4 years

Here is Why We Actually Need a Foldable Phone

While foldable phone display technology may seem gimmicky, it has the potential to add real business and economic value.

4 years

Can Technology Solve America’s Homelessness Problem?

One of the highlights of SXSW this past week was a cool 3D printer capable of creating a $4,000 3D printed house in 12-24 hours, a fraction of the time it takes for new construction. Creators of the printer plan to use it build a community of 100 homes for residents in El Salvador next year. Click here to watch a cool video of the 3D printer printing the home.