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29 days

How Blockchain Can Improve Education and Bridge the Skills Gap

Implementing blockchain in education allows businesses and educational institutes to build a secure learning and certification platform that can help to bridge the skills gap.

29 days

DevOps: What Is It and How Does It Work?

DevOps, the collaboration between development and operations teams, is a method of creating and deploying code focused on streamlining the communication between all the teams involved.

29 days

Top 10 Inspirational User Interface & Experience Designs

"First impression is the last impression" – a saying that defines the importance of UI/UX designs in its purest form.

30 days

Best Guide to Fix "Website Does Not Supply Identity Information" Problem!

The internet has been growing rapidly since the past decade.

1 month

Internet of Things Smart Carts are Making Retail Shops Smarter

The use of smart-carts in the retail industry is helping retailers to provide an enhanced customer experience.

1 month

Can AI Give Plastic Surgery a Facelift?

The use of AI in plastic surgery is not limited to giving cosmetic enhancements to people but can also help in treating people with skin conditions.

1 month

Explaining Outputs of Algorithms with the Help of Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Explainable artificial intelligence (AI) will help us understand the decision-making process of AI algorithms by bringing in transparency and accountability into these systems.