Vartika Kashyap Digital Expert

Vartika is the Chief Marketing Officer at ProofHub. She has 6 Years experience in online digital marketing, brand optimization and SEO along with social media marketing and email marketing strategies. Vartika holds an MBA in Finance (Banking) & Marketing from the IBS Hyderabad.  


The Best Leaders Inspire Team Commitment—You Must Do The Same

Being stuck at work you’re not committed to and constantly looking for validation—if this is the story of your life or the team you closely work with, you’ve got to make some serious changes. Not just for the sake of being noticed, but because your organization’s future depends on it. Here at ProofHub, I and my team have been committed to delivering a better work-related experience to teams. We’ve been committed to helping professionals like us get the most out of their efforts and be thrice as productive as they were yesterday—together. 


If Time Is Money, Here is How You Become A Time Billionaire

The term billionaire refers to a person who has money and property that is worth at least a billion pounds or dollars. But, for me, the definition means more. When I hear the word “billionaire”, I think of people who aren’t just financially wealthy.


The Science Behind Success Is Teamwork

Teamwork might seem like an indistinct or vague concept to many, but there is no doubt that there are real benefits for companies and individuals when they all get along. Over the past year, you’ve probably noticed that I have been talking a lot more about the importance of teamwork and collaboration.


The Secret To Becoming A Better Manager Is Out!

No one said management was going to be easy. Whether you are a newly promoted manager or an experienced one, being in that position of authority is going to make you feel like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. 


Masterful Management! Here's What It Takes

When I describe management as masterful, I am simply referring to a bold and successful management approach during which managers, aka masterful managers, behave in a way that shows that they are in ultimate control of a whole situation and are capable of coaching or telling teams what to do.