Vartika Kashyap Digital Expert

Vartika is the Chief Marketing Officer at ProofHub. She has 6 Years experience in online digital marketing, brand optimization and SEO along with social media marketing and email marketing strategies. Vartika holds an MBA in Finance (Banking) & Marketing from the IBS Hyderabad.  


The Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful People

Imagine where you’ll be 5 years later. Maybe watching Netflix throughout and daydreaming or being a successful person with high goals. It all lies in your hands. There is a minute difference between the two terms: successful and unsuccessful, but in reality, the two kinds of people have a lot of differences. 


Remember, Your Failure Is Your Success In Progress

Like most people, I also saw failure as a bad thing. I tried my best to avoid it at all times. But that’s out of the question. Failure isn’t something that can be avoided. From the start of my career to becoming a marketing manager at ProofHub—I’ve seen failure more than I had expected. 


6 Most Inspiring Tech Leaders—And What Makes Them So Inspiring

The tech industry is inherently inspiring. As someone who has been observing it pretty closely for such a long time, I can sincerely vouch for the many old and new benefits it brings to our lives—and what it holds for us in the future. 


Success or Failure is Not a Show-Stopper

You need to have the courage to keep moving. We are so fond of instant gratification, that we get discouraged when we don’t see immediate success. But what I believe is that whether it’s success or failure, it should not be a show-stopper. You should keep putting effort to get things to the next level. Overnight success is a thing but it doesn’t happen as often as we expect. 


Power of Emotional Intelligence to Take Your Team to Success

Leadership means helping others to reach their full potential. There is one thing that is alike in all effective leaders; they all have a high degree of ‘emotional intelligence’.