Are Fire Watch Guards Required to Have Liability Insurance?

Are Fire Watch Guards Required to Have Liability Insurance?

Daniel Hall 15/05/2023
Are Fire Watch Guards Required to Have Liability Insurance?

To save your business or property from fire, you need a system that will sound an alarm and turn on the sprinklers if there is a fire.

It's important to state that these systems cannot work all the time perfectly.

This can be a problem when your fire alarm system breaks down and you cannot alert the local authorities. The best solution is to hire fire watch guards to patrol the premises and protect against a potential fire outbreak.

Liability Insurance

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Fire watch guards perform a variety of fire-related tasks. These include maintaining fire suppression equipment, identifying and mitigating potential fire hazards, and patrolling the property in the event of a possible emergency.

The benefits of this are many and varied, but it’s no secret that a well-maintained fire system reduces the risk of property damage and losses. This is especially true of commercial buildings that must adhere to fire code regulations.

However, it’s not just a matter of having a great fire system; you need the right people doing the right things at the right time to ensure your property is safe. That’s why you need the best fire watch security guards, who have been trained to maintain high professionalism and provide you with excellent service that will last. The right guards ensure your property and your staff’s safety. They should also be licensed and able to demonstrate the appropriate certifications, including fire watch credentials.


Fire watch guards are specialized officers required to monitor buildings and areas that may be a threat of fire or pose a safety risk. Their duties include making regular patrols and checking that a building's exits are free of blockages or other obstructions that would prevent an evacuation.

The specialized services of Texas fire watch guards are vital for some different types of businesses and job sites. For example, construction sites require extensive patrolling of areas where work is being done, and equipment may be exposed to the elements.

They also serve as a backup fire detection system if the current fire alarm or sprinkler systems fail.


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Fires can spread quickly and ruin buildings, factories, warehouses, hotels, apartments, and other properties. That’s why it’s important to maintain a fire detection system that always works properly.

Whether it’s an existing fire alarm system, sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, or water supplies, these systems should always be in working order to prevent fires from happening. However, these systems may malfunction or don’t work at all.

If this happens, you’ll need someone to monitor the property until the system is fixed. These are called fire watch guards.

These security professionals have extensive training in identifying and preventing fire risks. They also have the knowledge and experience to respond to fires and other emergencies. They can also help with evacuation procedures and first aid. This is why checking on their licensing and qualifications before hiring them is essential. This will ensure that you get the best service and that they meet all the operating requirements.

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