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9 days

Best Cities for Certified Public Accountants

Where are the best places to work as a certified public accountant (CPA)? How about the best places to actually live with an accounting degree?

10 days

Everything You Need to Know About Car Rental Insurance Coverage

So you just got off your plane and you’re at the rental car counter to pick up your car. The agent asks if you want to purchase their insurance coverage.

15 days

10 Reasons to Run your Own Crypto Exchange Business

As recently as the early 2013s, a “veil of mystery” shrouded crypto exchanges.

29 days

India: Cabinet Approves Affordable Rental Housing Development for Urban Migrants

The Cabinet approval for development of affordable rental housing complexes (ARHC) for urban migrants and poor is indeed a praiseworthy move which will significantly help fulfil the government’s ambitious ‘Housing for All by 2022’ initiative. 

30 days

The Future of Virtual Events

Normally at this time of year, I’d be winding down for a summer break after an admittedly brutal 3 months on the road speaking at conferences and events all around the world.

1 month

Crypto: What to Expect in the Next 10 Years?

As many probably already know, bitcoin was launched in early 2009, which means that the crypto industry, which started with it, officially turned 11 in January of this year.

1 month

Why Balconies are Becoming Popular for Rental Investments?

A recent survey suggests that one of the most important must-have facilities for renters is a home that has a balcony.