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16 days

Coworking – Top Trends That Will Shape the Segment in 2020

2018-end, total coworking supply was between 7 - 7.5 mn sq. ft. area – and crossed 12 mn sq. ft. by 2019-end Top 7 coworking players alone have more than 350 centres across India – no. set to double or treble in next 2 years PE funds and institutional investors will continue to back bigger players in 2020 Survival a challenge for smaller players; more mergers and acquisitions likely in 2020 Current lease-based structure not flexible & cost efficient - 2020 is likely to see the rise of ownership model

19 days

Will Indian Housing Revive in 2020?

Homeownership has always been and will continue to be a highly-cherished dream of most Indians but dreams alone do not sell homes. The question of why homes are not selling as quickly as they used to does not have a single answer - it is a matter of sentiment, and sentiment reacts to a number of factors.

1 month

Delhi vs Mumbai – Comparing Two Powerful Real Estate Destinations

India's financial capital or the seat of power and politics - Delhi or Mumbai. Which is the better city to live, travel or invest in? There is no easy answer.

1 month

What Happens When a Business Owner Dies?

A sole trader is a person who runs a business as their own income and livelihood. In other words, the business is the person — a sole trader who has a business number in their name, lodges a tax return as an individual, and doesn’t need to maintain a separate bank account for their business.

1 month

The Prototype Bank

Getting to the bank of tomorrow seems daunting. For banks that are entrenched in physical elements such as branch distribution networks, long-held conventions around paper-led compliance procedures, embedded silos and P&L (that are more likely to collapse completely than change) – how can a change to a better bank be navigated? How are you going to issue credit cards when there is no plastic? What will checking accounts be called when you don’t issue check books anymore? The challenges facing the banking sector today are extreme.

2 months

Ready-to-Move: Vanguard of Revival

In an important trend in Indian real estate over the last 3-4 years, ready-to-move-in homes are in and under-construction homes are ... well, not so in.

2 months

RBI Stumps Expectations, Real Estate No Better or Worse

Contrary to overall expectations, the RBI kept the repo rates unchanged to 5.15% while maintaining an accommodative stance.