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2 days

Central Banks Attack Bitcoin: Are Cryptocurrencies Under Threat?

Central banks are increasing money supply in an uncontrolled and unjustified way in what is so far the largest transfer of wealth from savers to governments ever. 

3 days

Real-Life Case Study: The Power of Scratch Cards

Starting a business is an exciting step, but you need to grow and innovate in order to succeed in the long run. 

10 days

What Not To Do When When Selling Your House

For first-time home owners, selling their house can be challenging and daunting.

12 days

4 Steps to a Debt Free 2021

2020 was a difficult year for so many of us financially.

13 days

How to Create a Great Teaser For Your Fundraising Campaign

The teaser document is the first piece of information your potential investor sees.

13 days

India: 50% of Real Estate Cases Under IBC Closed in 2020

The enactment of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code in 2016, (IBC) along with RERA ushered in a new era of regulation for the Indian real estate sector.

14 days

India: Maharashtra Cabinet Approves 50% Reduction in Premiums Recovered From Real Estate Sector

As per the Deepak Parekh committee, as on date there are as many as 22 premiums collected in Mumbai under various heads - including FSI, staircases, lift well and lobbies.

15 days

Fundraising: 10 Deadly Sins of a Bad Pitch

The business world is competitive and not a field for the faint-hearted.

15 days

Real Estate's Expectations from 2021-22 Union Budget

Have the government and RBI done enough to bail out the economy - and, by implication real estate?

16 days

What’s a Good Severance Pay?

Should we say don’t hire if you can’t afford to fire?