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Why Has Global Wealth Grown So Quickly?

The amount of wealth in an economy should be related to the amount of income.

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U.S. Bitcoin ETF Is Net Zero Bitcoin

While a U.S. Bitcoin ETF sounds good in theory, peek under the hood and investors will find a futures-based instrument riddled with contradictions that has very little to do with bitcoin anyway.

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Understanding the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Expense Management and Cash Flow Analysis

In a world where machine learning is becoming a commodity technology, is your business implementing AI in accounting to get your financial management right?

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How to Become a Digital Nomad in 2022?

Becoming a digital nomad used to be reserved for tech gurus and travel bloggers — until 2020 happened, forcing millions of people to change course.

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Applications of Artificial Intelligence in FinTech, InsurTech & The Future of 5G

Artificial intelligence is quickly changing the way fintech, insurtech and 5G operate during the covid-19 crisis and beyond.

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How to Minimize Your Taxes on Retirement Income

Taxes are an inevitable expense for most people.

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Payments 4.0 – Reflections On the Future of Global Payments

The future of banking - payments 4.0 - is characterised by innovation, speed and intensity.