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12 days

A Career vs. A Job

The US economy has lots of jobs, but many people are looking for something that might be a career–and that’s harder to find. Here’s Claudia Goldin on the difference:

15 days

3 Ways To Use Blockchain Technology in Payment Systems

Using blockchain in payment systems can offer some value yielding benefits such as enhanced functional and operational capabilities for payments as compared to existing bulk payment systems.

16 days

Fine-Tuning Customer Segmentation In Financial Services With Big Data

Businesses categorize their customers based on specific attributes to ensure accurate record-keeping and personalization.

22 days

How Banks Are Improving Consumer Experience with Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is revolutionizing the financial and services industry by verifying transactions, facilitating payments, improving data management, reporting fraud, providing an extra layer of security with speech recognition and multi factor authentication as well as facilitating online shopping.

27 days

Why Fintech Matters To All Entrepreneurs

From mobile payments to Robo-advisors, fintech is changing the way customers are interacting with their banks and other financial institutions (BFSI ), making it an important aspect for all entrepreneurs.

28 days

3 Benefits of In-Memory Computing in Finance

In-memory computing has the ability to transform business IT; enabling companies to crunch and analyze large volumes of data in near real-time.

30 days

Want To Become Wealthy By Trading? Here's How To Get Started

No matter what trading experience you have, trading can be a very lucrative business.