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5 days

The Next Big Thing in Technology: Causal/Real AI (RAI) as Leibniz's Superscientist or Laplace's Demon

I would rather discover one true cause than gain the kingdom of Persia.  Democritus

6 days

How to Create an Artificial Intelligence General Technology Platform

“AI” is becoming a construct that has been the subject of increasing attention in technology, media, business, industry, government and civil life during recent years.

7 days

Building Smarter and Safer Warehouses With Artificial Intelligence & LiFi

The use of AI and LiFi in warehouse management will provide the much-needed speed, accuracy, and security needed by the logistics industry and supply chains across the world.

9 days

7 Google Analytics Alternatives Worth Considering For Your Website

Google Analytics is undoubtedly one of the most popular tools for web analytics.

11 days

Why LiFi is the Future of Fully Autonomous (MRI-Guided) Robotic Surgery

The need for highly secure, low latency, and electromagnetically non-intrusive communication systems within hospitals, especially in robotic surgery rooms, makes the use of LiFi in healthcare a perfect technological fit.

12 days

How AI, IoT, VR, Blockchain and Modern Tech Are Rewriting the Future of Work

Artificial intelligence, internet of things, blockchain, virtual reality and modern tech are rewriting the future of work continuously.