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9 days

The Tech Side of Travel

In the next five to ten years, technology will give us many new ways to enjoy travel—from the planning phase to the actual trip. Tomorrow’s travel will look nothing like it does today, and the travel adventures anyone can go on will be limited only by our imagination.

10 days

Smart Water Grids: The Future of Water Distribution and Management

A smart water grid is seen as a possible solution that integrates technology into water management systems to provide an efficient water supply network to smart cities.

11 days

Autonomous Vehicles: A Boon or Bane for the Insurance Sector?

The rapid evolution of autonomous vehicles is going to redefine not only the automobile and transportation sectors but also disrupt the insurance industry. Insuring autonomous vehicles can become a thing of the past with the advancement and adoption of autonomous vehicles.

12 days

How Fintech is Revolutionizing the Insurance Sector

Insurance companies are leveraging the benefits of the fintech revolution in insurance to address pain points in providing better, secured, and personalized customer services.

15 days

How Technology Can Boost Your Property Management Business

Property is a highly competitive industry. Property management businesses need to work hard to compete successfully in this fast-paced industry. Whether you own and manage a few properties in your local area, or you look after an international portfolio, the challenge to stay one step ahead of competing businesses is faced by all property management companies and investors.

20 days

5 Tips to follow while choosing a VPN

A VPN is a crucial way to save your privacy, however, selecting a VPN provider is a task that requires a lot of trusts. You handle over most of your online data access to a third party, so you must ensure that your data is protected and not misused. The new users of VPN can surely have a tough time identifying the providers believed to be reputable. 

22 days

Your Digital Fingerprint: Is It Yours or a Spectator’s?

Back in the mid-1980s, I wrote about how GPS would revolutionize our lives. One of my books published back then was called Advances in Agriculture, in which I highlighted how GPS would transform agriculture in the 1990s and beyond.