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4 days

Benefits of Gesture Control Interface in Kiosks

Gesture control interfaces provide kiosks with the ability to detect human movements that can help individuals carry out tasks without physically touching the machine.

5 days

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Way We Interact With Digital Kiosks

Say hello to the future, where artificial intelligence (AI) will enable us to interact with digital kiosks in a similar way that we do with our personal assistants on our smartphones.

8 days

There’s No Such Thing as Risk-Free & It’s Not Just for Cryptocurrencies

It may be time to rethink what we consider the “risk-free” rate of return when it comes to investments, and that may change how we view decentralized finance as well.

9 days

Apple T2 Chip Vulnerability Challenges the Industry

Recent verified reports highlight exploitable vulnerabilities in Apple’s security chip that cannot be patched.

10 days

How to Make Your Video Chats More Secure

We are all getting adjusted to the new “normal way” of connecting and working.

12 days

AI Enabled Monitoring Can Help Solve Data Storage Issues

AI data storage systems can recognize patterns in arrays and stacks to predict storage issues and help solve them.

15 days

Will Deep Learning Shift Autonomous Vehicles to the Top Gear?

The use of deep learning in autonomous vehicles can help overcome various challenges like understanding pedestrian behavior, finding the shortest route and making accurate detection of humans as well as objects.