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7 days

Computer Science Graduates: The Career Decision Matrix Begins

Two months ago, Arpit Jasapara and I recorded a podcast for UCLA's UPE organization, a computer science honor society that I was involved in when at UCLA.

9 days

Everything’s Made In China, Even Central Bank Cryptocurrency

To understand China’s push for a digital currency is to understand the body politic that governs this vast territory, and why a digital yuan will have a profound effect on the very essence of the economic life of the Chinese people.

10 days

One, Two, Many, Lots

The late Terry Pratchett (often known as pTerry) was an English writer noted for his droll wit and sometimes biting social satire.

13 days

Customer Service Continuity and Lessons Learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic

We currently live in a time where nearly every email starts with “I hope you and your family are safe,” and ends with “stay healthy.”

14 days

Is Your Computer Slowing Down? Here Are Some Ways to Speed It Up

It is inevitable that at some point, your computer will experience a slower speed. The reduced speed experience can be frustrating, and can even consume your time if you have fixed deadlines. 

15 days

A Chinese Yuan for Bitcoin

China’s digital currency is ramping up and that means that Chinese looking to continue transacting in the shadows may have to enlist alternatives such as cryptocurrencies.

16 days

Employee Value Proposition - Your MVP to Attract New Talent

As the CEO of an organization, or someone who leads the HR department, have you ever asked this question to yourself, why should someone join your company?