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12 days

Why GraphQL Will Rewrite the Semantic Web

I'm relatively old school, semantically speaking: my first encounters with RDF was in the early 2000s, not long after Tim Berners-Lee's now-famous article in Scientific American introducing the Semantic Web to the world.

15 days

Building Smart University Campuses With IoT Technology

Modern universities need advanced digital tools to facilitate better data availability, information transfer and connectivity for learners and teachers within their campuses.

21 days

The Future of AI in 2025 and Beyond

By 2025, artificial intelligence (AI) will significantly improve our daily life by handling some of today's complex tasks with great efficiency.

22 days

Why Is Debugging Important in Software Engineering?

An aspect of software engineering that is often under-appreciated is the task of debugging an issue.

24 days

What Are The Main Barriers Towards a Mainstream Acceptance of Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency, and other applications of blockchain in finance, have the potential to be resourceful for organizations everywhere.

25 days

How Can Artificial Intelligence Reinforce Existing Human Biases?

By definition, artificial intelligence (AI) is meant to replicate the working mechanism of the human brain for optimizing organizational activities.

28 days

Turnkey IoT: Your First Step to Building a Successful IoT-Driven Business

While IoT is an attractive concept for organizations to make their work operations more cohesive and connected, the process of setting up the technology for utilization can be cumbersome.