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7 days

3 Technologies Every Digital Marketer Should Use

Advanced technologies like big data analytics, internet of things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing digital marketing by providing in-depth information on customers, based on their interests, preferences, and demands.

8 days

How To Use Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to Improve Driving Lessons

Driving schools employ virtual reality and augmented reality to reduce training time.

9 days

Are Cybersecurity Labels on IoT Devices a Wasted Effort

The U.S. is exploring the idea to establish cybersecurity labels on IoT devices and software, in hopes it will both inform consumers of risks and motivate manufacturers to improve the security for the flood of new products entering the market.

9 days

Is Linux Faster Than Windows?

There are various reasons which explain why Linux seems to be faster than Windows.

10 days

Is Facebook Accountable To No One? Whistleblower Frances Haugen Reveals Shocking Facts

Frances Haugen, 37, a former product manager on Facebook's civic integrity team, testified at an internet safety hearing on Capitol Hill.

11 days

Does AI Create or Destroy Jobs? What is the Real Threat to Human Society Over the Coming Decades?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will create new job opportunities, not destroy them. AI will displace some jobs but will create new ones.

11 days

How Deep Learning Works in the Covid-19 Era: Applications and Limitations of Deep Learning

Deep learning is changing the world during the Covid-19 pandemic by detecting fraud, treating illnesses, developing self-driving cars and helping organizations deal with complicated queries.