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9 days

How Blockchain and Telecommunications are Working Together

Blockchain and telecommunications are working together by minimizing losses due to fraud, automating revenue collection and enabling peer-to-peer payments.

11 days

These 5 Technologies are Helping the Police !

Big data, drones, artificial intelligence, internet of things and augmented reality are helping the police in crime prevention.

12 days

A Guide to Real World Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Use Cases

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are driving major changes in the global economy.

17 days

Blockchain and VR Are Together Reshaping the Art Industry

After revolutionizing the finance and entertainment industries, respectively, blockchain and VR are now playing a combined, highly impactful role in transforming the art world.

24 days

How Industrial Drones Are Revolutionizing Real Estate, Construction, Agriculture, Military and Logistics

Industrial drones are reshaping several sectors including real estate, construction, agriculture, military and logistics. 

24 days

How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Assess Soft Skills

The use of AI in recruitment can help businesses identify candidates with the requisite soft skills and personality traits that align with the organizational culture.

26 days

How Hotels and Resorts are Adopting Virtual and Augmented Reality

Once upon a time, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) were only used for video games or seen in movies (think Tony Stark and all of his cool gadgets in Iron Man).